Real Talk 7: Smell ya later and Mike Johnson are good people, B-Boy: Uncensored updates, SCU’s Youtube Channel, Tito Escondido interview, and other stuff.

Going on hiatus

Before I start, I just wanted to say I gotta limit my time writing here on SCU and trying to find things to help spread the words, good or bad, about SoCal wrestling. This past week some serious family shit came up that could take up a lot of my time soon, and right now I’m just trying to deal with that shit. I won’t go into things publicly, some people know and I don’t really want to put it on here because I don’t want the attention or to try and get sympathy from people over a battle I’m not fighting. I’ll be back to writing regularly. Maybe in a month, maybe in a year, maybe a few years. Who knows, but I’ll be back. For now, enjoy this wonderful piece of art.

In all seriousness, because of family shit I’m gonna be focusing primarily on interviews and producing videos for the SCU Youtube Channel, where you can see the first part of “B-Boy: Uncensored” for free. Speaking of which…

“B-Boy: Uncensored” Update

I’ve finished production on parts 2 & 3 of “B-Boy: Uncensored” this week and will be uploading them next week. I wanted to get these out without forgetting about them because of the aforementioned family issue that I gotta deal with. Keep checking back for updates on those. Part 2 should be up Sunday or Monday, and Part 3 Thursday or Friday. Check out Part 1 below.


In Defense of and Mike Johnson

Recently someone sent me a link to a “wrestling journalist” complaining on Twitter about Mike Johnson of for not crediting him for some story. I won’t say the name of the whiny TMZ-reject who is bitching on Twitter or mention his shitty gossip site that’s also based in Southern California. All I will say is that in my personal experience, Mike Johnson of has done right in the past when it comes to SCU and has given this site credit in the past for various things.

Back when Joey Ryan proposed to his girlfriend Laura James at at Finest City Wrestling’s February 20th event, Steve Bryant was reporting live on and posted the news before anyone else. It wasn’t so much of an “exclusive” story, but it was something SCU was there to cover. That very night, I emailed Mike Johnson of notifying him of the news, and asked hi to credit Steve and SCU for it. Guess what he did? He gave Steve and SCU credit for sending him the tip. When the the “reporter” who is bitching about Johnson right now reported Joey’s proposal on his site, there wasn’t a single mention of SCU or Steve being the guy who reported it first. Now I’m sue the whiny bitch didn’t know SCU had broken the story (probably because it was mentioned in the show results and not in some click-bait title) and probably didn’t get a “press release” sent to him about it from SCU, but the point is that the ex-TMZ bitch is an idiot for shitting on Mike Johnson.

Real talk, fuck that gossipy mother fucker and his shitty ass “news” site. Not so much because he probably has more hits and views than us, as hits and views don’t mean shit to me, but because he’s some random dickhead who waltzed his way into wrestling’s inner circles because of his past employment at TMZ. I really don’t give a fuck what podcast he’s been on, what wrestlers are friends with him on social media, or any of that. To me, that guy is a fucking leech trying to make his own name and a living at the expense of other people’s work. He doesn’t promote wrestling, he doesn’t do anything that brings positive awareness to talent that deserve spotlights in the business, and there’s no chance that douchebag would be doing any of this if wrestlers weren’t such “marks” themselves that they try to get themselves over with this guy like a bunch of whores so they can get free publicity. That shit is pathetic. Unless this dude is using his site to bring attention to events rather than stupid shit like Joey Ryan’s tights, he and anyone who patronizes him can get fucked. Mike Johnson is good people though, because in the end he gave the whiny bitch a mention on his site.

Addressing the Championship Wrestling From Hollywood review thing

As some people might’ve seen, Jay Cal said a bunch of stuff. Without going too deep into things, he lied about several things he should’ve been honest and straight forward about with the reads of SCU. Basically, a shitty worker threatened to sue us. He also caused a bunch of drama. I could go on more about this, but I’ve got more important shit to deal with right now. All I can say is Championship Wrestling From Hollywood still fucking sucks and that Jay’s edits on my reviews weren’t cool. He doesn’t speak for me, and while I respect his wishes, I don’t respect how he handled things. Still, I have nothing against Jay and wish things were handled better and more honestly.

Tito Escondido Interview

I recently confirmed an interview with H.A.T.E member “Bad Dude” Tito Escondido. I’ve been studying up on his work and I believe he’s someone PWG and other major indy wrestling promotions should keep their eye on. Tito also recently appeared on the Rosas Report with Ray Rosas. Check out the interview by clicking below.


SCU Youtube Channel

I recently started the Youtube Channel and have talked to Steve about certain things for the future of this project. Ideally, we’d like to get matches and footage from promotions along with interviews and features to help get eyes on the Southern California wrestling scene so that people can discover things they haven’t seen before. We already have a match featuring B-Boy & Super Dragon taking on Jardi Frantz & Bobby Quance from EPIC in 2002 courtesy of Gary Yap.


Shit Not Worth Writing Paragraphs About

    • Like I said, I’m taking time off from writing after this column. I’ll be back.
    • Fuck that TMZ reject.
    • Razor Rizzotti is a real American hero.
    • Raze wrote a column in place of Jay Cal. I’m too lazy to copy/paste the link, so click around. I heard Ray Rosas is the next guest writer on Jay Cal’s View.
    • Steve said his interview with Douglas James should be up soon.
    • PCW is in Torrance tonight, Lucha Underground is taping shows this weekend, Knokx Pro is in Sun Valley, and there’s something called “Rock & Wrestling Bash” taking place on Sunday. I have no idea what that is.
    • Anyone else feel like show updates and announcements should be posted on the main page instead of being buried in the events section? Get on that shit, Draven.
    • Here are some highlights from the XRT-Division match from FCW in February.

Match Of The Column

This edition of Match Of The Column (because “match of the week” isn’t fitting anymore) features SoCal stars Willie Mack, Tito Escondido, and Eli Everfly put on a really cool triple threat match in Las Vegas.

Until next time…

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