FCW “Kontrolled Kaos” February 20, 2016 Review

I really wasn’t sure what to expect heading to FCW for their “Kontrolled Kaos” show on February 20th. What I got was one of the best overall shows I’ve seen in a long long time. I’ve been to shows where there have been better matches, but when you add the match quality, plus atmosphere, and the pure chaos of the main event it was truly a fantastic show. This is one of those shows that if you brought someone who has never been to an indy show before, they would instantly be a fan afterwards. Plus it’s not every day you get to see a marriage proposal during a match used to get a win.

Corey Jackson over Aaron Garvey, C-Lo, Maldocito, Chris Disney in an over the top elimination match [7’48]
-Maldocito eliminated at [2’20]
-Chris Disney eliminated at [5’07]
-C-Lo eliminated at [5’18]
-Aaron Garvey eliminated at [7’48]

This was a bonus pre-show match with the stipulation that the winner would get a match on the main card for the next show. It was a pretty average match overall, but you can’t really complain about a bonus match. Maldocito is huge and he moved around pretty decently for his size. I didn’t really see anything impressive from C-Lo or Disney, but they didn’t seem to be terrible either. Garvey had some nice looking offense at points, but then at other times he looked a little slow. After Disney was eliminated, he came back in and helped Garvey double-team Jackson. But eventually Jackson got the upper hand and eliminated Garvey. Jackson looked the most polished in the match, so the right guy probably won. Everyone in the match did show potential though and should improve with more experience. One thing the other wrestlers aside from Jackson could work on aside from experience is to get better gear. Part of pro-wrestling is image, and professional looking gear goes a long way in that regards.

B-Boy over Lil Cholo to retain the FCW title [19’09]

I was surprised this was the opener as I expected this to be the best match of the night and figured it would be hard to follow. What we got was a terrific match, easily a solid match of the month contender and probably a SoCal match of the year contender. These guys have probably faced each other hundreds of times over the years so there was a definite familiarity there. At the start of the match a “SoCal legends” chant began which seemed to genuinely touch both wrestlers. This was a great back and forth match that really had the crowd going crazy. There were really only two points in the match that I thought didn’t come off that good. At one point B-Boy got knocked out of the ring and set himself in position to catch Cholo on a tope, but it seemed to take a while to develop and B-Boy stood there for what seemed like a long time waiting for a tope. The other was a double headbut that took both guys down that looked comically weak. Then again compared to the Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 fight it wasn’t so bad. Other than that I had no complaints at all and anything else would be nitpicking. The near falls had the crowd going wild. Like I said, I questioned this match being first because it would be so hard to top, but it worked because it got the crowd into such frenzy and the heat lasted the rest of the night. B-Boy eventually got the win after hitting his finisher on Cholo.

Post-match both guys got on the mic and put each other over. B-Boy talked about how they have been wrestling 17 years and never gave up and let that be a lesson to the boys in the back that are just starting out. Huge “SoCal legends” chant for them.

Kikyo Nakamura & Terex over Brody King & Matt Twizted [14’43]

After the last match I was expecting to hate this match. I didn’t. This was a decent change of pace from the previous match, and had enough to keep the crowd hot. For his size Terex moves really well. Indy wrestling is over flowing with smaller guys, which is unfortunate for guys like Terex who shows a lot of potential but will be impeded by his lack of opponents. He reminds me of a scarier looking Skulu. It seemed like Brody King wasn’t in the match a whole lot, but did have a crazy dive to the outside. Brody is pretty big himself, and I wouldn’t mind a Brody versus Terex singles match. I thought Kikyo and Matt Twizted looked all right as well. Kikyo hit a low blow when the ref wasn’t looking and got the win.

Sasha Darevko over Mike Camden [13’17]

The first thing that stood out with Darevko was his gear. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but his trunks just looked like a pair of white underwear with a logo put on it. To top it off they were riding up his ass the whole time which made the people sitting by me really uncomfortable to the point they were talking about blinding themselves. The other thing I had issue with was the Russian accent didn’t seem realistic. While I’m not sure of the reason to do a Soviet gimmick 25 years after the end of the Cold War if it is going to be done I hope he works on the accent some. Even though Camden has been only wrestling a few years, he shows a ton of talent. His moves are quick and look crisp. If anything he should work on showing more personality in his matches, as it is now he comes off somewhat bland. I thought Sasha looked good in the match for the most part as well. There was some grappling towards the beginning that could have been better, and maybe a few minutes could have been cut to tighten it up, but overall I thought it was a fairly good match. Camden seemed to injure his leg towards the end of the match. I’m not sure if it was legit or a work, but since it didn’t play into the match at all I’ll assume it was real. Hopefully it is nothing serious.

Joey Ryan over Laura James [8’52]

Before the match I wrote in my notes about what a good wrestler Joey is and how with his skill I wish he’d do more straight matches than comedy matches. Joey knows what has made him a household name however, and he’d be crazy to change up what is working for him. Joey came out with his trademark lollipop in his mouth. He asked who in the audience wanted it and a young girl, maybe 10 or 11 volunteered and Joey put his lollipop in her mouth. As everyone probably knows at this point, Joey and Laura James are a real life couple. You could tell she was getting a kick out the match as she couldn’t keep a smile off her face. Joey oiled himself up and the match began. Right away they locked hands to start and gave each other a little kiss. They do a lot of comedy spots with Joey being the sleazy heel. Laura grabs his chest hair or gives him a titty twister to turn the tide, from my angle I couldn’t really tell. At one point Joey even grabs Laura’s boobs and turns it into a suplex. They do the obligatory spot where Laura grabs him by the crotch and he uses it to overpower her, but only this time he tries to grab her by the crotch and she over powers him with her vagina. I know, I can’t even believe I’m writing this. They do a ref bump, Laura goes for the pin, and notices the ref is out. While she goes to wake the ref, Joey goes to the corner, gets a mic and a small box and gets on one knee. He proposes, she says yes and while they kiss he rolls her up in a schoolboy and gets the pin. He explains that now that they are getting married he needed to make sure he got the winner’s share. It was really an awesome moment and the crowd loved it. You have to be pretty confident she is going to say yes when you plan something like this, because if you think it went viral with a yes answer, imagine a no. Anyway, congratulations to them both.

Peter Avalon over Gino Rivera [6’22]

This was a pretty good, quick match coming back from intermission. There was a spot early in the match where Gino got out of the ring and Avalon went to do a baseball slide into him but Gino lifted the ring curtain to catch him at the last minute that was pretty clever. The match was fairly short, but was pretty good for what it was.

Aaron Garvey cut a promo and proposed to his girlfriend. She also said yes. Congratulations to them.

Jacob Diez over Donnie Suarez, Damien Smith, and Kadin Anthony [8’56]

First I apologize if I have any names wrong for this match. Unfortunately the mic was cutting out all night, and I wasn’t familiar with Suarez and Smith, and when I asked some people after the show I got several different answers. Please send me an e-mail or respond in the comments and if I got your name wrong. Kadin Anthony looked really good in this match. The people in front of me were calling him a dirty hippie, and after a few minutes they were saying “that dirty hippie has some skill.” Overall it was a decent match, with Anthony and Diez showing the most. If anything it seemed a little out of place this late on the card.

Willie Mack over Yuma [7’16]

This was advertised as a mystery match, with neither wrestler advertised on the show. This was Yuma’s first match in awhile and Willie Mack’s FCW debut. As you’d expect with these two it was a really good match. It started with Yuma trying to propose to Mack, but unlike the other two proposals on the night, Mack said no. They did some brawling outside the ring, and Yuma was up against Shawn, the guy who does the Hot Tub reviews, and Mack went for a chop. Yuma moved out of the way and Shawn took a chop from Willie Mack. It is good to see Yuma back in action, and he didn’t seem to show any rust. Mack moves so good for his size. Gary Yap mentioned recently on the SCU message boards that Mack is the type of guy you could build a promotion around and I couldn’t agree more.

After the match Gus, the owner of FCW announced that at the next show on April 30, 2016 there would be a four way for the FCW title between B-Boy, Willie Mack, Jeff Cobb, and Pentagon Jr. Huge pop for Pentagon Jr. being announced.

Danny Limelight over Douglas James, Suede Thompson, and Eli Everfly in a TLC match to become FCW XRT champion [27’45]

This match was absolutely insane. These guys brawled all over the place and actually split into two groups so it was nearly impossible to keep up with what was going on. Everefly and James teamed up for a part after yelling out “Santinos” which is the school and promotion they both come from. Their alliance ended when Everfly went for a pin. The match included two dives from the second floor balcony into the crowd. Limelight and Everfly were brawling near a basketball hood and Eli jumps up to grab the netting to try and kick Limelight and Limelight ends up spearing Everfly who is hanging there right into the supports. He then gets the crowd to help him move the basketball hoop to the ring, then climbs it and does a dive off of it into the ring. Not to be outdone Everfly climbs it and does a moonsault off. It is hard to describe how crazy the match was, and all four of these guys may regret it in a few years. Everfly almost got the win, but Terex, Kikyo, and Cap Comic Con turned on him and pulled him from the ring and beat him down. Danny Limelight got the win after he hit James with a superkick and as James stumbled Limelight threw a chair into the ring and did a flying stomp on James into the chair and got the pin. I have no idea how this match will translate to video. It was just so nuts. What a great way to end the show and guarantee most people there are coming back to the next show. I doubt there was anyone in attendance that was disappointed.

I certainly recommend getting the video when it becomes available. Hopefully the atmosphere translates well.

The next show is April 30, 2016 with the only match announced so far being the previously mentioned four-way for the title. It has also been announced Thunder Rosa will make her FCW debut on the show.

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