[Results] Santino Bros “Chain Reaction” on November 14th 2015

Santino BrosSantino Bros 11-14-15 flyer
Chain Reaction
American Legion Hall
November 14th 2015
South Gate, Ca

Triple Threat match:
“Charming” Biagio Crescenzo def Silverado & “The Party Captain” Guy Cool

Charming Biagio Crescenzo takes with win on Silverado with a low blow into a Powerbomb!

Battle of the Big Boys:
Brody King def Hoss Hogg

Brody King hits the Brody Bomb (modified Flatliner) on the cocky Hoss Hogg, claiming the victory and proving he the most Powerful Big Man at Santino Bros Wrestling.

Los Luchas Zokre def Seville the Thrill

In the midst of the battle, Seville tries an underhanded trick by disrespectfully ripping the mask in an attempt to expose the Luchadors face, thoough his plans go awry when Zokre, donning another mask shows who is the veteran of the ring to the arrogant Seville Alvarez with a armbar, making sure Seville knew he was in the ring with a no nonsense veteran.

Santino Bros Submission Championship Match:
BC Killer (C) def Douglas James

Champion BC Killer makes short work of the overzealous young up and comer Douglas James, making him tap to a vicious, tendon shredding Anklelock to successfully retain the championship

The Bad Dudes (Rico Dinamita and Che Cabrera) def Soulless Assassins (Laberinto & Blood eagle)

This was a vicious battle that went all over the ring, inside and out! Both teams were determind to beatdown the other team and claim the victory, but in the end the match was won with a brutal Quesadora by Che into a vicious cutter by Rico in a stunning tag team move to Laberinto.

Semi Main Event:
Ray Rosas def Jeff Cobb

Ray goes toe to toe with the bull of wrestler Jeff Cobb. This match was a back and forth struggle for supremacy. In the end Ray Rosas claims the victory with a Code Red. After the match, Ray gave an impassioned speech about his love of So Cal Wrestling and the wrestlers who give it their all to keep So Cal on the map!

Main Event-#1 Contenders Match for the Santino Bros Championship:
“The New Age Punisher” BBOY def “The Butcher” Tyler Bateman

In the beginning of the match, each man was testing and sizing the other up. As the match progressed, it was hard to place a bet on who the winner would be, as both men were determind to claim the spot as the #1 Contender! Going after each other with brutal strikes, slams, just about anythingthey could thing of to make them the dominating force…..in the end, it all came down to the way they landed after a vicious double knockout by a headbutt causing both men to go down and B Boy to luckily fall directly into a pin attempt on an unconscious Tyler Bateman.

Credit: Santino Bros