[Results] Unity Pro Wrestling on October 3rd 2015

Unity Pro WrestlingUPW 10-3-15 flyer
Oak Street Gym
October 3rd 2015
Torrance, Ca

“The Last Temptation” Ricky Ruffin def Alexander G. Bernard by pinfall.

“Charming” Biagio Crescenzo def “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black by pinfall.

Clutch (the Unity Pro sound engineer) answered Hector “El Chido” Canales REAL MAN challenge and was def by submission.

The self proclaimed “Doctor” Diskord unveiled his newest find, the Cryptkeeper” who stole the victory from Sunami after Diskord spit green mist into his face, blinding him temporarily allowing the Crypt Keeper to pin “the Game Changer” Greg Hernandez.

Austin Matelson addressed the audience and was reflecting upon his actions and regrets during his time in the Big Brother house, when he was interrupted by “The Apostle” Judah Matthew. This lead to an altercation that saw Matelson standing tall over a fallen Judah Matthew.

Ashley Grace def Shelly Martinez by pinfall.

The Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon) def the Tribe (Hawaiian Lion & The Navajo Warrior) by pinfall after a battle that all four men fight it out all over the Oak Street Gym.

Ricky Mandel versus Vintage Dragon for the Unity Pro SoCal Championship, ended in a no contest after the Crypt Keeper w/ Diskord in tow and Sunami interrupted the match. Once the dust settled Commissioner Jon Allen announced that since the Crypt Keeper and Sunami felt the need to get involved in the title match there would be a fatal four way match November 7th for the Unity Pro SoCal Championship, between Vintage Dragon, Sunami, Ricky Mandel and the Cryptkeeper.

Next UPW Event will be on Saturday, November 7th & you can purchase online tixs here:

Credit: Unity Pro Wrestling