[RECAP] C4 Comic Con Wrestling Event on August 30th 2015

Pro Wrestling Live
C4 Comic Con
Ventura County Fairgrounds
August 30th 2015
Ventura, Ca

Good evening Socaluncensored faithfuls, Mike Draven is here to give you a quick recap of the Pro Wrestling Event that took place as part of the Central Coast Comic Con at the Ventura County Fairgrounds on Sunday August 30th.

Intergender Match:
Jarek Matthews (w/Fidel Bravo) def “The Terradactyl” Terra Calaway as the referee was dealing with Matthews, Bravo would take advantage of the distraction hitting Calaway allowing Matthews to execute a Top Rope Legdrop on Calaway for the victory.

Intergender Tag Team Match:
“Vera-Purrfect” (Kitana Vera & Tommy Purr) def Jacob Tarasso & Former WWE/TNA star Shelly Martinez as Purr hit a “TKO” Neckbreaker on Shelly for the win.

“Uptown” Andy Brown def “The King of the Streets” Mondo Vega with his Superman Punch & Flying Central Coast Comic Con Event 8-30-15 pic 1Knee finisher

Tag Team Match:
Big Duke & Jakob Austin Young def “The Honor Society” (Sir Samurai & Drake Frost) with a double team Sidewalk Slam by Duke & Kick by J.A.Y. on Sir Samurai

6 Pack Challenge Elimination Match:
SoCal Crazy def Raze, Espiritu, Air On Sky, Danny Limelight & “The Game Changer” Greg Hernandez

Order of Elimination:
Espiritu by Raze with a “Soul Eater” Spear
Air On Sky by Danny Limelight via Superkick
Danny Limelight by SoCal Crazy via Tiger Bomb Pinfall
“The Game Changer” Greg Hernandez by SoCal Crazy with a Crossface Submission
Raze by SoCal Crazy via Jumping Flatliner

Raze & SoCal Crazy would raise each others hand in sportsmanship

Daniel Torch def Gatson with a roll up after Gatson missed his “Gatitude” Cutter finisher

Main Event:
“The SuperTzar” Sasha Darevko def Extreme Loco by pinfall after hitting Loco with what may have been a Foreign Object in his hand as the fans were upset but Referee David Brown saw the whole thing & ordered that the match would restart as a “No DQ” Match.

“No DQ” Match:
Exteme Loco def “The SuperTzar” Sasha Darevko with a Tombstone PiledriverCentral Coast Comic Con Event 8-30-15 pic 3

After the match, Extreme Loco would help Darevko up & both men displayed Sportsmanship until Darevko attacked Loco & called out for more wrestlers as half the locker room would join Darevko on the attack of Loco only to have the rest of the remaining locker room come to the aide of Loco & chased them out of the building. Once cleared, the remaining wrestlers would give Extreme Loco a well deserve send off as this was Extreme Loco’s retirement match as we end the night’s festivities.

First & foremost I want to thank those who ran the wrestling event for having me ring announce this event as I’m always happy for any opportunities I can get to ring announce a wrestling show. Some of these guys & gals I’ve worked with before & some I had my first time with at this event but in the end I thank the entire staff & roster for having me at the show. It was my pleasure to be there to introduce Extreme Loco as he competed in his final match & all I can say again is Thank You Extreme Loco & you’ll be missed my friend. As to my Matches of the Night, I give the nod to:

6 Pack Challenge:
So many different varieties of superstars in the ring, each bringing something unique & different to this match. You had High Spots, Technical Wrestling, masked wrestlers, rookies, etc. Overall a lot of great chemistry between so many individuals I would love to see them again in singles competition.Central Coast Comic Con Event 8-30-15 pic 2

Big Duke/J.A.Y. vs Honor Society:
Strong tag team match as I got to see in person Nor Cal Tag Team Drake Frost & Sir Samurai as I’ve heard so much about them on Social media and seeing some of their matches from Nor Cal via Youtube. Very Impressed by Jakob Austin Young as I’ve only been seeing him on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood as he was very good in the ring & along side Big Duke who I’ve been watching for a few years & know what he’s capable of but these two together worked like a well oiled machine. I would love to see these two teams work with each other again in So Cal someday.

Extreme Loco vs Sasha Darevko:
With this being Loco’s final match, he definitely didn’t let Darevko get to him as both men would battle each other all over the ring, using anything they can find. Solid match by both men & a great farewell for Extreme Loco.

For the second time I’ve attended a wrestling event at this particular Comic Con in Ventura (once as a fan & now as an announcer), I’ve notice that the wrestling event would always start after the Comic Con had concluded for the day. By doing that, those who attended the con are now done for the day & would leave the fairgrounds not getting the opportunity to see the wrestling event.

Some die hard fans stayed but in the future, The Ventura County Fairgrounds & those who run the Comic Con need to place the wrestling event earlier in the day to give these great & hard working wrestlers a bigger audience to perform. In no way is this the fault of those who ran the wrestling event since I was on hand to be the ring announcer for this event & I know how hard everyone worked in order in the wrestling event at this year’s C4 Comic Con.

In conclusion, if those who run the Comic con reads this just keep in mind if you’re expecting a big turnout for having a wrestling event at your convention & you’re not satisfied with the outcome, then maybe you should cut some of the performances like sing-a-longs, panels & magic shows. Place the wrestling event earlier in the day & I bet you would have had a lot of those who attended the con catching the wrestling action or better yet, put the wrestling event in the same building with all the special guest so they could have seen it too. Could you have imagine if any of the special guest could have been involved in some way, think of it Horror Icon Sid Haig (AKA Captain Spalding from Rob Zombie’s House of a 1000 Corpses) walking down with Raze or the Star Wars 501st escorting Sasha Darevko to the ring but again this is just my two cents.

As always, I would like to thank you all for your continuous support to the great promotions in Southern California.

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