[Results] UIPW’s Lucha Chupa, 06/28/2015

Chupa Lucha
Sunday June 28th 2015
Fox Theather
301 S Garey Ave, Pomona

(Results Courtesy of Ben Raymond)

Okay here’s the results of the Uipw La event tonight. I am going to apologize in advance to the fantastic wrestling talent on the card as I did not accurately get down the names of some of the wrestlers in a couple of matches. Plus there was so much action I missed some of the pinfalls during the matches so I tried to make note of the first one I saw each match.

PPRAY and Seville The Thrill vs Bobby Vemon Human Tornado and Eli Everfly with Captain Comic Con. Seville turned on PPRay and walked out on them during the match allowing Eli Everfly to hit a wicked looking flip pile driver for the pin.

Luchadora Datura and her partner vs Amazona and her partner. Datura’s team picks up the win after a top rope splash on Amazona.

Mini Halcon and Classicus Shadow vs Peq. Shamu and Mini Fussion. Peq. Shamu and Mini Fussion take the win with an impressive top rope flipping neck-breaker

Felino vs Amazing Jr. Felino gets the pin with a roll up on Amazing Jr. who for once was the bigger wrestler of the two in the match.
Match 5 OG Playboy and Principe Indu Jr vs Hector Canales and Enigma. OG Playboy and Principe Jr get the win after Playboy hit a low blow on Hector to get the pinfall.

Semi Main Event
Mr Aguilar aka Essa Rios from the wwe and his partner vs Fuego and his partner. Fall 1 went very quickly to Fuego and his partner with a pair of roll up pins. Fall 2 went to Mr Aguilar and his partner with a top rope splash. Fall 3 went to Fuego and his partner with a 450 splash for the win.

Main Event
Team Lucha Tequila El Gran Tahoma, El Coa Azul, El Tatamar and Don Diez vs Supernatural, Super Boy Jr, Shamu Jr and Bestia 666. Super Boy gets the first fall with a top rope splash. Don Diez hits a roll up pin to take the 2nd fall for Team Lucha Tequila. Final fall saw El Coa Azul hit the roll up pin on Bestia 666.
That’s all the results I was able to take note of. As I stated there was so much action in and out of the ring it was very hard to keep track but it was well worth getting a bit dizzy to see these amazing athletes up close and in action.