Jay Cal’s View #121

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Sabroso Craft Beer Festival and Tacos Celebrates Cinco De May on on Saturday. Lucha Vavoom returns to the Mayan Monday and Tuesday. Plus Tough Enough is casting and Raul Castillo is so far the only voice representing Southern California. Broken Skull Ranch is also casting, Kyle Webb was on that show. Plus updates with the United Wrestling Network and all the action happening this weekend.

Sabroso Craft Beer Festival
Looking for a way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo three days early? If you want to sample some Craft Beer, enjoy tacos and watch some lucha libre, then the Sabroso Craft Beer and Taco Festival is where it’s at. The Festival starts at 12:00 and concludes at 4:00. The festival is at 5305 Santiago Canyon Rd, Silverado (Orange County). Festival Passes are $55 and this event is for adults over the age of 21. One of the most compelling reasons to drink beer and eat tacos is also live Lucha Libre, provided by WPW. Already disclosed are a ladies match feature Sage Sinn versus Raze and Infernal will be in action. There will be four qualifying matches and a fifth and final championship match. Anyone going and wants to report on this match will be given an SCU Prize Package. Email Jay Calfor details.

Lucha Vavoom returns to the Mayan.
Born in Southern California and celebrating Cinco De Mayo at the Mayan Theater, Lucha Vavoom returns.  The great thing about Lucha Vavoom is that it has actually used quite a bit of SoCal Regulars over the years.  We won’t say who’s who, but if you’re in attendance, keep your eyes open for some.  In Jay Cal’s View #119, we talked about Lucha Vavoom and the appearance of the Crazy Chickens and El Presidente on ESPN’s Sports Nation.  Mango made an appearance with Mike on his CNN Show, Somebody’s Gotta Do It.  However, Monday Night, live an in person Lucha Vavoom returns to the Mayan.  And this time around we’ve got a guy on the inside.  Mike Draven will be in an attendance and his Unscripted will be sure to detail all of his exploits and debauchery.  Thanks for the folks of Lucha Vavoom for making it possible.

Who’s Tough Enough?
World Wrestling Entertainment and the USA Network have conspired to bring back Tough Enough.  Casting for the show started at the beginning of the year, but it appears that the show is looking for to ramp up their search for contestants via social media. Tough Enough is a reality TV show that puts 14 contestants (men and woman) through training rituals and athletic competitions.  Although the casting doesn’t require the contestants to have a pro-wrestling background, many of the contestants do.  Last season featured SoCal’s Own Eric Watts as well as current Lucha Underground competitors Martin Casaus and Ivelisse Vélez.  It’s kind of ironic that the 2001 winner John Hennigan (Johnny Mundo) is also a vital part of Lucha Underground.  It appears that the application process starts via a brief questionnaire and a 60 second video that you upload to their site.  As of right now Lufisto is the only semi regular to SoCal who is on the site.  The only Southern California native is Raul Castillo, out of Nipomo.  The 5’5, 165lbs believes he’s Tough Enough.   Not sure what, if any background in pro wrestling Raul Castillo has but it’s not a requirement for the show.  If there is someone we missed that is deserving of Jay Cal’s View… please leave a comment with a link to who we should be supporting.  As a side, the last Tough Enough Winner (Andy Leavine) never even had a match in the WWE.  However, he is work for the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico.

Broken Skull Ranch Casting…
Speaking of reality television, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge is once again looking to cast its show for their upcoming season.  For those who aren’t aware of the Broken Skull Challenge it is a little bit like American Gladiators where contestants compete against each other is physical obstacles and the winner gets an opportunity to try the Broken Skull, a half mile, ten course obstacle course and the winner gets $10,000.  In the last season Kyle Sutton, formerly known as Kyle Webb (Mach-1 and CWFH) competed in the contest.  “Being a pro wrestler helped big time. The casting director found me on a web site from Tough Enough a few years back. [Being] able to cut a promo in person on the fly, over and over again made the choice clear to pick me to be on the show. They want a larger than life personality. And physically some one who they believe will complete the challenges.”  Sutton also added regarding the schedule “We filmed it in one weekend because of the weather. The original plan was 4 days of filming. But it rained the week before. So we rushed it in two.”  Those who are interested in applying must visit http://www.brokenskullchallenge.com/

United Wrestling Network
Episodes of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood are being updated Saturday Mornings ahead of their airings on KDOC TV. The most recent update featured matches with Todd Chandler vs. Jervis Cottonbelly, A Hollywood Heritage Tag Team Match featuring PPRay challenging Joey Ryan and Ryan Taylor of Vermin, a Lumberjack Match featuring Othello taking on James Morgan, and in the Main Event, Kevin Martenson defends his CWFH Television Title against former champion, Scorpio Sky with Christian Cole. Powered by Patreon, the United Wrestling Network has over 33 hours of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. If you’re out of the markets of KDOC TV and YooToo America or just don’t have a DVR, this is the best way to stay up to date with CWFH. Episodes start as far back as July and are being updated all the time with the shows before they air on KDOC or YouToo.
Occasionally they will post matches that have never aired on television that apart of the CWFH/NWAPro Wrestling Vault. Currently available for streaming are; RockNES Monsters defending the Hollywood Heritage Tag Titles against Natural Selection with Percy Pringle III and Los Luchas from June 26th 2010 in Yuma Arizona, Daniel Bryan vs. Sean “X-Pac” Waltman from November 11th 2007 in Peth Australia, and AJ Styles vs. Trent Barretta on June 14th 2014 at Port Hueneme California.

Upcoming Events in SoCal
EWF in City of Industry, Tonight @ 8:00 PM
OWA “ReveAnge” in San Diego, Saturday @ 5:00 PM
UEW “Mayhem Brigade” in Los Angeles, Saturday @ 7:00 PM
Santino Bros in Bell Gardens, Saturday @ 8:30 PM
NSPW “Todo por Todo” in Los Angeles, Sunday @ 4:00 PM
UIPW in Los Angeles, Sunday @ 5:00 PM
Lucha VaVoom “Psychedelic Cinco” in Los Angeles, Monday @ 7:00 PM
Lucha VaVoom “Psychedelic Cinco” in Los Angeles, Tuesday @ 7:00 PM

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