A Recap of AWS/QPW Joint Event 4/25/15

Shot of the Night 04/25/15

April 25th AWS/QPW Joint Event at American Legion Post #335, South Gate. Big names in the wrestling scene helped draw another capacity crowd to the hall, even though the card had to be altered because Candice LeRae missed her flight to L.A., and couldn’t make it to the show.

1 – Lester The Legend scored a tapout submission on Kenny Lush
Good opener that saw a good see-saw battle. Lester had to overcome getting his left knee picked apart, managing to put Kenny in a Rear Naked Choke or Modified Sleeper Hold, adding in a Russian Leg Sleep for the submission win.

2 – Willie Mack successfully defended the AWS Heavyweight title over Ruby Raze
Give Ruby Raze credit for not only holding her ground against Willie Mack, but giving it a really good fight. That made Willie put out all the stops, and finished it with a Frog Splash for the win.

3 – Hudson Envy successfully defended the AWS Women’s title over Kahmora
It couldn’t have been easy for Kahmora to go from her IWL Triple Threat match earlier in the day to this match with the woman that was fresh off her series of Stardom matches in Japan. Hudson didn’t have much time to celebrate after she pinned Kahmora with the Fisherwoman’s Suplex, as Cheerleader Melissa confronted her. After a series of promos, their title rematch was set for the 5/30 show.

4 – Four-way Elimination Match between Che Cabrera, Tyler Bateman, Brian Kendrick, & Paul London
The match was fast & furious once Paul London’s 5-min. entrance was done, with the action going all over the place. Che eliminated Kendrick by giving him a low-blow behind the back of Referee Rick Knox, then rolled him up for the pin. Che was fortunate to then fall out of the ring after trying for a Superplex on Paul London, as Paul was able to knock down Bateman, then hit the Shooting Star Press for the pin. After some fierce battle, Che hit the Uprising for the pin.

5 – PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) successfully defended the AWS Tag Team titles over Joey Ryan & Christina Von Eerie (who subbed for Candice LeRae)
Even with the changes to the card, this match provided a great mix of comedy & some serious wrestling. PPRay managed to prevent a team move by Joey & CVE, hitting their team finisher on Joey for PPA’s pin.

6 – Cheerleader Melissa p. Nicole Savoy
This one was easily the most technical match on the card, and one of the most hard-hitting matches, too. After a few attempts, that saw Savoy fight her way out, or reverse it into a submission hold, Melissa hit the Air Raid Crash for the pin.

SM – Lil Cholo & B-Boy d. Los Bandidos (Rico Dynamite & Tito Escondido)
There were plenty of brawling outside the ring, which is not unusual when it comes to “The Bad Dudes”, and two men with years of experience. Cholo p. Rico after hitting an Catching Ace Crusher/Diamond Cutter, that B-Boy rolled into the Shining Wizard. The two veterans then called out PPRay, and challenged them for the tag team titles at the “Bart’s B-Day Bash” show in June.

Shot of the Night 04/25/15

Shot of the Night 04/25/15

M – Adam Thornstowe successfully defended the QPW Heavyweight title over Frankie Kazarian.
Great see-saw battle that ended with Adam hitting a Modified version of the Styles Clash.

Overall, a great card, despite the changes. Two marquee matches have been set for upcoming events. As mentioned earlier, PPRay is now scheduled to put the tag team titles on the line against Lil Cholo & B-Boy, at the 6/20 “Bart’s Birthday Bash” event. Before that, Hudson Envy will put the Women’s title on the line against Cheerleader Melissa once again, at the 5/30 “Ladies Night Out” event, and it will be…NO DQ. Any wrestling fan with prior knowledge of these two ladies’ matches can expect plenty of out-of-ring action, and maybe some blood shed.

MOTN: Adam Thornstowe v. Frankie Kazarian; Willie Mack v. Raze; Nicole Savoy v. Cheerleader Melissa

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