[Recap] Lucha Underground on April 22nd 2015

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This is Mike Draven & this is your weekly Lucha Underground recap Lucha Underground Logo 2from El Rey network on Wednesday, April 22nd. We look back on the last few weeks of the teams going into the finals of the trio’s tournament to crown the first Lucha Underground trios champions.

We see The Black Lotus as she’s training with Aztec Dragon as he feels that she is not ready yet to compete at the temple.

As the house band performs for the fans in the temple, your commentators Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome everybody to tonight’s historic event as this evening the three teams of Son of Havoc, Ivelisse & Angelico, Texano, King Cuerno & Cage, Killshot, Big Ryck & The Mack will face each other to be crowned the first Lucha Underground trios champions.

Sexy Star vs Pentagon Jr:
A lot of heat is going into this matchup as Sexy Star is facing Pentagon Junior as Striker mentioned Pentagon has been on a destructive streak as he’s been taking out Luchadors left and right for his master. Ring announcer Melissa Santos was about to become one of his latest victims until Sexy Star came out to save her.

As the fans are split between chanting for Sexy Star and Pentagon Junior, Sexy star gets the advantage on him. But unfortunately one mistake and Pentagon takes control over Sexy Star but Sexy Star has heart and determination and she will not stop until she has right the wrongs of Pentagon Junior. Sexy Star attempts a highflying maneuver that gets caught by Pentagon who turns it into a face buster for a two count. Pentagon attempts for his arm breaker finisher but Sexy Star was able to counter it try to take a quick breather from the outside which was unfortunately not the case as Pentagon chase after but Sexy Star the was able to execute a tornado DDT for two count on Pentagon Jr.

Sexy Star would be able to connect a suicide flip through the middle rope onto Pentagon which got the fans in the temple really going in this matchup. Pentagon would return the favor and execute a Powerbomb Lung Blower on Sexy Star that even impressed former WWE superstar Divari for a 2 count. As Melissa Santos is cheering on Sexy Star from the outside, she was able to connect a head scissors into a backcracker/lung blower and was able to get the three count on Pentagon to become the victor in this match up as the fans in the temple chant for Sexy Star.

As we return from commercial break we see Johnny Mundo working out inside the temple until Alberto El Patron makes his way inside to the gym area. Alberto would talk to Johnny as though he is impressed with his in ring work he is unimpressed that he cannot achieve the “Brass Ring” which fires up Mundo.

Matt Striker and Vamprio talk about Drago’s win in the best of five series and getting a shot at Prince Puma and the Lucha Underground championship but they also talk about Lucha Uunderground owner Dario Cueto “twist” as if Drago doesn’t win the championship, he is banned from the temple and next week which Lucha Underground championship will take place as Prince Puma defends against Drago.

Triple Threat Elimination Match for the Lucha Underground Trios Championship:
First to make their way to the ring is the team of Cage, Texano and King Cuerno. Next is the dysfunctional team of Ivelisse, Angelico & Son of Havoc followed by the final team of Big Ryck, The Mack & Killshot.

Killshot, Angelico & Cage start off as the speed of K & Angelico try to work on Cage only for him to double suplex both men as Texano is in having his way with both men as well. Both Texano & King Cuerno would try to double-team on killshot only to have him stop them in their tracks allowing Angelico both Angelico & Killshot to tag fresh faces as The Mack & Son of Havoc are in perform some highflying maneuvers taking out the rest of the competition leaving Cage and Big Ryck in the ring and to use the “irresistible force meets the immovable object” as Cage is able to take control over big Ryck.

Angelico executes a high knee from the outside on Texano who ends up falling back onto Divari who was unhappy with that situation and retaliated on him, sending him into the bleachers and throwing him back into the ring where kill shot was waiting for him and delivered a double footstomp from the top rope and going for the three count eliminating the team of Cage, Texano & King Cuerno from the match.

Big Ryck, Killshot & The Mack would continue to take advantage of the exhausted Angelico as we see Ivelisse favoring her knee as it looks like she may have injured it in this matchup taking a dive onto Killshot on the outside earlier on in the match. With power moves & highflying moves it looks like the team of Killshot, Mack & Ryck are just about ready to claim the championship until Angelico gets a second wind taking out all three members of the team and tagging in Son of Havoc who takes control over Killshot. Ivelisse showing incredible pain continues to bring the fight to Mack & Ryck as she dives off for a Crossbody and Son of Havoc does a suicide dive through the ropes onto all three taking everybody out leaving Angelico to hit his ” Fall of the Angels” finisher on Killshot for the victory and to be crowned the new Lucha Underground trios champions.

Ivelisse, Son of Havoc & Angelico def Big Ryck, The Mack & Kill shot to become the champions.

Dario Cuerto comes out of his office and is stunned that these very dysfunctional Luchadors just became the champions. But of course, Cuerto throws in a twist saying that they are not champions and there is one more team left in the tournament and introduces The Crew (Bael, Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco) to the temple and announces that this match is being no disqualification match.

All three members of The Crew faces all three members of the opposing team each taking them out one by one. Ivelisse ends up in the ring with Cortez & Bael ready to hit her with a cane until Son of Havoc comes in for the save. Bael & Angelico made their way to the top of the temple but Bael was able to take him out as Mr. Cisco is fighting S.O.H. on the outside.

Angelico was able to perform a High Crossbody from the top of Cuerto’s office on to The Crew who work in the ring as the temple goes crazy cheering on everyone. Ivelisse would use the cane on the crew taking them out and allowing S.O.H & Angelico to do to highflying maneuvers onto the crew and officially getting the pinfall victory to become the first Lucha Underground trios champions as everyone in the temple is going absolutely nuts in this action pack, high velocity tournament finals match.

Ivelisse, Son of Havoc & Angelico def The Crew (Cortez Castro, Bael & Mr. Cisco) to become the Lucha Underground Trios Champions.

During this episode I was in attendance for this event and all I have to say was the place was electric throughout the entire taping. The trio’s tournament is something unique never before seen here in the states but to also add a championship is definitely something that sets them apart from everybody else. The last time I can recall 6 man/Trios championship in North America was back in the NWA/WCW days of the late 80s early 90s.

In the end Lucha Underground continues to go above and beyond with wrestling matches, production and overall fun as you can see by the fans in attendance everyone was treated to a fantastic night of wrestling a lot of unexpected moves with the biggest pop coming from Angelico death-defying dive from the top of Dario Cuerno office onto The Crew which pretty much made everyone in attendance jump onto their feet in amazement and excitement.

As to my matches of the night it goes in this order:
Ivelisse, S.O.H & Angelico vs The Crew
Ivelisse/S.O.H./Angelico vs Ryck/Mack/Killshot vs Cage/Cuerno/Texano
Sexy Star vs Pentagon jr.

As of right now, Lucha Underground is on hiatus for filming new episodes.  This past weekend, they filmed the season finale and there has been no indication on when they’ll return. We are expecting a season two but we don’t know exactly when it will take place but as soon as we find out we’ll let everybody know.

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