[RECAP] AOW “Resolution” on January 18th 2015

Alpha Omega WrestlingAOW 1-18-15 flyer 2
World Gym
January 18th 2015
Indio, Ca

This is the one & only SoCalUncensored’s Mike Draven back with a recap of AOW’s Resolution event which took place at the World Gym in Indio, Ca.

Triple Threat Match:
Ron Killbourn def Ryan Roode & “The Emo Behemoth” Pinky via Spinning Sidewalk Slam on Roode for the victory. After the match, Killbourn continued his assault on Roode until the referee’s came out to stop him.

Team Hi Def (“Golden Heart” Drake Fortune & “High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews) came out to the ring & called out AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg demanding they get their guarantee rematch for the AOW Tag Team Championship tonight. Rosenberg & his Regime came out to answer their demand with a “NO” & unleashed the Regime on Team HD.

After Team HD was carried to the back, Rosenberg talked about the event tonight & talked about his “Resolutions” for 2015 which unfortunatley for “Real Deal” JJ Steel, Rosenberg had the Regime attacked him for failure to make the boss happy over the last several months. As Steel was dragged to the back by the AOW Tag Champs Los Bandidos (Rico Dynamite & Tito Escondido), Rosenberg had “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger & Ryan J. Morals along with Crystal Michelle & announced an “Open Challenge Match” to any tag team in the roster to come out which was answered by “The Heisman Hooligan” Badd Blood & CZW Champion Blk Jeez “Rated 2g”.

Open Challenge Tag Team Match:
Rated 2g ( “The Heisman Hooligan” Badd Blood & CZW Champion Blk Jeez) def The Regime (“Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger & Ryan J. Morals w/ Crystal Michelle & Christian Rosenberg) when Badd Blood hits a Cutter on Morals after Michelle tried to interfere. The Regime would argue with Crystal Michelle as they make their way to the back.

The American Oni (w/Pris) def Golden Mask via DQ when Pinky came out, threw Oni out & viciously attacked Golden Mask repeatedly making Golden Mask his next target.

AOW Tag Team Championship:
Los Bandidos (Rico Dynamite & Tito Escondido) def Bobby Rios & Tiger Kidd with their DDT/Front Slam Finisher

Alpha Females Match (Special Referee Former WWE/TNA Star Shelly Martinez):
Tab Jackson def Raze with a roll up & a fast count from Martinez

Triple Threat Match:
Former WWE Star Ricardo Rodriguez def “The Butcher” Tyler Bateman & Jacob “The Riot” Diez with a Swanton Splash from the top rope onto Bateman for the vicotry.

Father vs Son Match (Special Referee Christian Rosenberg):
“The Stepdaddy” Roscoe P. Tucker def “The Red Headed Stepchild” Buford Tucker as Stepchild & Rosenberg double teamed The Stepdaddy, JJ Steel came out & hit both Rosenberg & Stepchild with a chair allowing Stepdaddy to hit a Chokeslam on Stepchild on top of a chair & Steel using an unconscious Rosenberg’s hand to count to three for the victory. Afterwards, Dirk Ness Tucker came out to celebrate Stepdaddy’s victory as Rosenberg & Stepchild went to the back.

Main Event
Fatal 4 Way for the AOW Heavyweight Championship:
“The One” Blake Grayson def LTP, “Rock-n” Richie Slade & “Big Nasty” Eric Watts (w/Pris) hitting his “Memory Loss” Double arm DDT finisher on Slade for the win & retaining the championship. After the match, Watts & Grayson had some words & a stare down to end the show.

Alpha Omega kicked start their 2015 on a high note this evening. With this being a Free wrestling event, it brought the attendance to the World Gym in Indio, Ca. Having Former WWE stars Ricardo Rodriguez & Shelly Martinez as well as the Combat Zone Wrestling Champion Blk Jeez along with the AOW roster made for a great night of wrestling. As to my Matches of the Night, I give the nod to:

Tyler Bateman vs Jacob Diez vs Ricardo Rodriguez
Grayson vs Watts vs Slade vs LTP
Bandidos vs Bobby Rios/Tiger Kidd
Rated 2g vs The Regime

AOW will return on Friday, March 20th in Victorville, ca for AOW’s Tag Wars

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