[RESULTS] FUW’S “Winter WonderSlam” on December 12th 2014

Fans United Wrestling
Winter WonderSlamFUW 12-12-14 flyer 2
December 12th 2014
Chula Vista, Ca

SANTA CLAUSE posed with fans for pictures as they awaited the start of the matches. Announcer “THE” JON ALLEN welcomed the fans to the show, and thanked them for supporting such a great cause, as this show was a toy drive for the YWCA in San Diego!

Opening segment saw DARK USAGI come to the ring with SUSUKE SAITO and ANTHONY IDOL. Susuke said that finally a wrong was being corrected because Usagi was finally getting his shot at the Fans United Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. He said that DAMON DIVINE knows that if Usagi had been allowed to compete at the tournament back in August, Usagi would already be the champion, not Damon.

Tonight, not only were they going to steal Damon’s title, but they were stealing CHRISTMAS! Susuke showed the crowd numerous presents Santa had intended for the audience but which they had stolen. He went on to tell children individually they weren’t getting Christmas this year until Damon Divine interrupted them! Damon said he was taking them to the learning tree, and that tonight, the belt stayed with him!


ANTHONY IDOL and ANDRE MACHIEVSKI def RUBEN IGLESIAS and MOTROS JUNGLE by pinfall. (pinfall scored by Anthony Idol)

KING COLOSSUS def INCENDIO CALAVERA in a very decisive fashion!

Elves Triple Threat Match:
ASHLEY GRACE def RUDY & “The Extraordinary” ELI EVERFLY in an incredibly fast paced back and forth match!

Open Challenge for the FUW Nug Life Championship:
JACOB “THE RIOT” DIEZ came out (with LIZZY SUNSHINE) and said that, since this was a show for charity, he was going to extend some charity of his own by issuing an open challenge for his Nug Life Championship! He said that tonight, not only would he remain champ, but that he would become a household name. WRESTLING MATT’S music hit! He said that if Jacob wanted to talk about names, that he’s known for having a few words on the subject himself! Jabs at Jacob included saying that calling himself a “riot” makes no sense since he’s only one person, and insulted his colorful new gear, calling him “Rainbow Brite.”

After a very physical encounter that saw the audience solidly behind Wrestling Matt, Jacob would eventually get the pinfall after hitting the “Ay Diez Mio.”

ALI HUSSEIN scored a pinfall victory in surprising fashion over the Massive MALDECIDO after a splash from the top rope!

FUW Heavyweight Championship:
DAMON DIVINE def DARK USAGI by disqualification after Usagi attacked Damon with a pair of nunchucks! Afterward, “Santa” Damon reclaimed the presents that the Wildsiders had stolen, and handed out the candy out to people in the audience before leaving with his FUW Heavyweight Championship!

Announcer “The” Jon Allen thanked the fans for coming and wished them all a very Happy Holidays to close out the show!

Credit: FUW’s Jon Allen