SoCal Spotlight: Sasha Darevko Part 3

To accompany the partner piece of SoCal Spotlight with Sasha Darveko II, the finale in the trilogy of this interview conducted in August. I speak to the man known as Sasha Darveko on a myriad of topics.

We wrap up the interview five months in the making (again my apologies) starting off talking about relationships within Southern California and you might be surprised how Sasha answers the question “Who do you want to punch in the face?” We talk about his experiences working with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Unfortunately the discussion about his upcoming scheduled was five months ago (follow Sasha on twitter for the most instant updates to his schedule. We also spend a few moments talking about Brian Kendrick, which I found to be very enlightening about the guy who has pretty much done it all in wrestling. Lastly we speak about negativity in Southern California what’s in store for the future of SoCal Wrestling.

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