[Results] Socal Pro’s Super Clash VIII 9/13/14

SoCal Pro Wrestling
Super Clash VIII
Saturday, September 13, 2014
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club
Oceanside, CA

Quick results:

1) Kitana Vera def. Bruce Gwarstein
after using a Cutter.

2) Six-Man Tag Team Match: Big
Daddy Destro, Ronnie Thrash, and
“Pretty” Peter Avalon def. SCP Tag
Team Champions Anchors Away
(David E. Jones & Ryan Stone) and
Dark Usagi. Big Daddy Destro won
the match for his team after using a
Death Valley Driver on Dark Usagi
and pinning him.

3) Everett Scott International Open
Challenge: Anthony Idol [with
Everett Scott] def. “Lovin” Nick
Lovin after using Idol Overdrive
(Falcon Arrow).

Big Daddy Destro answered the
challenged, but he was denied
entering the ring to get his hands
around Anthony Idol from the
request of Everett Scott. Security
came out and surrounded the ring
to ensure that Destro did not try to
run towards the ring and attack
Anthony Idol or Everett Scott.
Destro was definitely outnumbered,
but he still fought his way through
the members of security until he was taken down handcuffed,
and escorted away from the
building. After Destro was escorted
away from the building, Everett
Scott grabbed the microphone and
issued a challenge to any person
brave enough to go against
Anthony Idol. Nick Lovin came out
and answered the challenge. Once
again, Everett Scott tried to deny
Nick Lovin’s challenge, but he
accepted the challenge only if Nick
Lovin allowed stipulations in the

Stipulations were if Anthony Idol
won, then Nick Lovin would never
wrestle again as an active wrestler
on the SoCal Pro roster and thus
become the permanent
Commissioner of SoCal Pro. If Nick
Lovin won, then he would be
allowed to sign a No Disqualification Match between
Anthony Idol and Big Daddy Destro
at next month’s SoCal Pro event.

4) SCP Golden State Championship:
“The Athlete” Mike Camden def.
“Radiant” Jason Redondo after
using a Codebreaker to retain the
SCP Golden State Title.

5) Four-Way Ladder Match for
Undisputed SCP Heavyweight
Championship: “The Polish Tyrant”
Andre Machievski def. Tommy
Wilson (c), Big Duke, and SoCal
Crazy to become the Undisputed
SCP Heavyweight Champion.


Everett Scott International produces winners

This was the match of the night
and you pretty much had to be in
attendance to witness the match.
All four wrestlers gave it their all in
the Ladder Match and were given a
standing ovation at the end for their efforts and hard work. However, Andre Machievski was the one to ascend the ladder and pull down both SCP Heavyweight Titles to become the Undisputed SCP Heavyweight Champion.

Upcoming SCP Events:

Friday, September 19 – $5 Friday
(Escondido, CA)
Saturday, October 11 – A Rumble in
Oceanside (Oceanside, CA)