[RECAP] Battleground Pro Wrestling “Battle Of The Empire” Sept 6th 2014

Battleground Pro WrestlingBPW 9-6-14 flyer 2
“Battle Of The Empire”
Boys & Girls Club
September 6th 2014
La Habra, Ca

This is Mike Draven with a recap of the Battleground Pro Wrestling event.

I, Mike Draven was your ring announcer for the evening as I welcomed everyone to the show. Tonight the winners from each match will place into a drawing & one will get a championship match against the Unified Champion “The SuperTsar” Sasha Darevko later this evening.

Foob Dawg def “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger via submission

The Manimal def Cedric the Hitman with a Big Splash

“The Metal Head Maniac” Sledge def “The Chicano Assassin” Chuey Martinez with a Spinning Sidewalk Slam

“Ultra Girl” Brittany Wonder made her way to the ring to address the crowd that her scheduled opponent wasn’t able to make it but as soon as she mentioned that “America’s Most Hated” made their way to the ring to take care of Brittany until The Riv came down to stop the commotion. He then challenge AMH to a match with them vs Wonder, Riv & his surprise Johnny Plinko.

4 on 3 Handicap Match:
America’s Most Hated (Unified Champion “The SuperTsar” Sasha Darevko, “The Russian Wolf” Alexis Darevko, “The Terror of Toranto” Anton Voorhees & Ali Hussein) def “Ultra Girl” Brittany Wonder, “The Party-Manster” The Riv & Johnny Plinko via DQ as Sasha threw the belt at Wonder & played it off as he got hit with the belt by Brittany Wonder.

Santino Bros Champion Robby Phoenix def “Heavy Metal” Ruben Steele with a Cradle Slam pin.

Main Event for the Unified Championship:
“The SuperTsar” Sasha Darevko def “The Metal Head Maniac” Sledge by pinfall while Referee Jay Stone was unconscious, America’s Most Hated came in, attacked Sledge & Sasha hit Sledge with the belt & cover for the victory. Afterwards, AMH celebrated in the ring as we ended the show.

Its been a few months since the last time Battleground Pro had a show but it was great to see them back. Attendance was good for BPW’s return. This event will be part of the Action Coast Empire Tv show sometime soon up in Northern California. My Matches of the Night goes to:

Sledge vs Sasha Darevko

America’s Most Hated vs Brittany Wonder/The Riv/Johnny Plinko

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Again, I would like to say Thank you to everyone at Battleground Pro Wrestling & Action Coast Empire for giving me another chance to ring announce for them. I appreciate any opportunities in get more chances, becoming better & to become someone that the promotions in So Cal & maybe in other states can call upon to take over the ring announcer duties anytime they need someone.

Until next time, this is Mike Draven & I’ll see you at Ringside!