[RESULTS] FUW “4 The Gold” Aug 9th 2014

Fans United WrestlingFUW 8-4-14 flyer
4 The Gold
Skybox Sports Bar
August 9th 2014
San Diego, Ca

Announcer “THE” JON ALLEN welcomed everyone to Fans United Wrestling’s fourth show, 4 the Gold! As he prepared to start the TALENT SHOWCASE BATTLE ROYALE, he let people know that there would be a new prize for the winner this evening. The fans may have noticed that the 8th man in th tournament hadn’t been announced yet. That’s because the the last spot would be filled by the winner of tonight’s battle royale!

4 men made their way to the ring to start the battle royale, after which a new participant would enter every minute after that. Starting things off were RUDY, ELI EVERFLY, C-LOVE, and JIMMY RAY WALKER with his manager DAN “THE MAN” BUBLITZ! Making his way in next would be WRESTLING MATT! Next entry was BIG DADDY DESTRO, who opted to hang outside of the ring for some time. Rudy nearly eliminated Jimmy Ray Walker as EXTREME PARKA made his way to the ring, but Dan Bublitz used himself as a step stool to keep JR Dub from being eliminated! Unfortunately for them however, Extreme Parka went right to work on the King of the Hashtags once he got in the ring himself. A baseball slide dropkick from Rudy would finish the job, earning him a modicum of revenge from SKYBOXMANIA! VENOM was the next man to enter! “Wrestling Matt” eliminated by C-LOVE! IRON BUTTERFLY was next to a huge pop! After another minute of action, RASTA LION and KRAY Z KLOWN would be the next two men to enter. Big Daddy Destro finally prepared to enter the ring, but was knocked off the apron by Extreme Parka. While Rasta Lion entered the ring, Kray Z Klown took time to mess with Jon Allen and throw him into the battle royale! He also introduced the combatants to his new friend, KRAY Z SOCKO (a hand puppet he used). SEAN BLACK entered the ring! SCORPIO was next! Eli Everfly and Rudy took a break to join MEDI MIKE for some beer at the commentary table! More action as C-LOVE forarm smashed Jon Allen, followed by Scorpio pulling off a flying leg scissor take down on Venom! Eli Everfly eliminated the Iron Butterfly! Jon Allen blocked a right hand from C-Love who was on the apro on the outside of the ropes, knocking him into the corner post to send him to the floor! Jon’s first elimination EVER in a battle royale as C-LOVE IS ELIMINATED! Sean Black with a gorilla press slam sends Rudy crashing to the floor outside! RUDY ELIMINATED! Iron Butterfly makes his way back into the ring, having previously been sent out (thought not over the top rope) by Eli Everfly! After some offense, Sean Black eliminates Iron Butterfly! Destro goes to work on Extreme Parka, Extreme Parka eliminated! Sean Black tosses out Jon Allen! Jon caught by Venom and sent back in! Rasta Lion eliminated by Eli Everfly! C-Love attacks Venom, as Sean Black tosses Jon right back out! Jon Allen eliminated! Scorpio eliminates Kray Z Klown! Destro gets on a mic and attempts to punk out Scorpio! Test of strength, followed by cheap shots from Destro. Sean Black and Destro team up to eliminate Scorpio! Eli Everfly sneaks up from behind to eliminate Destro with help from Sean Black! FINAL TWO, ELI EVERFLY AND SEAN BLACK! Eli with a flurry of kicks, Sean goes down, Eli to the top rope with a flying body press, Eli caught by Sean! HUGE fall away slam from Sean Black! Sean attempts to suplex Eli to the outside of the ring, Eli fights back with knees to the head, both fall to the floor at the same time! Jon gets in the ring and says that at Fans United Wrestling, the fans will have the final say! Sean says why he should be the winner and enter the tournament! Eli does the same, saying he’s busted his ass for this company since day one! The fans vote, and your winner of FUW’s 2nd showcase battle royale, and the final man to be entered into the 4 the Gold tournament, SoCal Uncensored Rookie of the Year ELI EVERFLY! DAMON DIVINE’S music hits as round one of the tournament starts IMMEDIATELY!


In what was naturally a very fast paced match, Eli took it to Damon Divine with everything he had in his arsenal, using his educated feet and going to the air numerous times, with Damon fighting back with a wealth of power and determination. At several points it looked like Eli would finally gain his first pinfall victory over his powerful adversary, but unfortunately he was just too worn out from having had to fight past over ten other men to qualify for this match, and was put away by a flurry of offense from Damon Divine, capped off by his trademark running powerslam. Afterward, Damon went back into the ring to raise Eli’s arm into the air in a show of respect that gained a standing ovation from the audience!

This was a battle of two men claiming to already be champions, as JOEY entered the ring with his trademark briefcase containing his “real” heavyweight championship, while MALDECIDO entered with the Nug Life Championship he had stolen from the actual Nug Life Champion, MATT TWIZTED. Things definitely looked to be going Maldecido’s way, as he continually tossed “Mr. Entertainment” around the ring like a rag doll! Joey continued to get offense in, but was beaten back by the giant every time for his efforts. During the commotion, Matt Twizted came out to finally retrieve his championship, which had been stolen from him since May by Maldecido! While the referee was distracted by this, SOCAL CRAZY snuck into the ring to help Joey DDT Maldecido onto Joey’s briefcase! Referee Chaz Richards turned around to find Joey covering his larger adversary and counted one, two, three! JOEY BARONE advances to round two as a furious Maldecido made his way to the back looking for his ill-gotten belt!

As SoCal Crazy’s music hit, RIC DYNAMIC came out and demanded for it to stop, then returned to the back. An actual mariachi musician then came out with guitar in hand, playing SoCal to the ring as he was accompanied to the ring by lovely FUW ring girl ALANA! Fans attempted to boo SoCal out of the ring and even waved boxes of Chiclets at him! SHADY’S music then hit to a decent pop! His music continued to play, but no Shady! SUSUKE SAITO then appeared on the monitors! He said that he knew fans weren’t expecting to see him tonight, but that it appeared Shady had had an “unfortunate accident” backstage! He didn’t want to leave the fans deprived of a match however, so he found someone “better” for the job. ANTHONY IDOL’S music hit as the big man made his way to the ring accompanied by DARK USAGI! SoCal said this wasn’t what he had planned on, but that he’d work with it. Getting on the mic, he tried to make a deal with Anthony; he could either wrestle him and go him with Dark Usagi, or he could lay down and let himself be pinned, and Crazy would give him a night with Alana! Anthony accepted the offer saying “looks like somebody’s going to round two,” but when Crazy’s back was turned, he went on the attack, laying into Crazy with huge forearm shots! This was a highly competitive bout which went back and forth numerous times and saw plenty of outside interference both from Dark Usagi AND Ric Dynamic! At one point with Crazy trapped in the tree of woe and the referee distracted, Usagi actually STOOD ON TOP of Crazy’s groin!!! Eventually, SoCal’s speed and experience would overcome Anthony’s power, as SoCal Crazy picked up a pinfall win and advanced to round two!

JACOB came to the ring as cocky as ever, once again accompanied by his girlfriend and valet LIZZY SUNSHINE on his phone via FaceTime! Matt Twizted’s music hit, as people popped for the current reigning Nug Life Champion! Foul play was once again at work from the Saito camp however, as a bloody Matt Twizted was shoved through the curtain by Dark Usagi who was holding the Nug Life Championship in his teeth! What followed was a brutal affair with Jacob Diez exploiting his opponents injuries and pulling out his various signature spots on FUW’s resident extremist, including a brutal powerbomb. Matt did his best to fight back, which included a wicked spine buster of the leader of the hippie commune, but it was clear he couldn’t compete at his fullest after what had transpired before the match. Eventually Matt was able to nearly knock out Jacob with a suplex into a neckbreaker! As Matt attempted to go to the top rope and use the splash that won him the Nug Life Championship, he was attacked one more time by Dark Usagi! Jacob caught him before he could recover and make the jump, and hit the “Aye Diez Mio” to gain a pinfall victory. Jacob “The Riot” Diez advances to round two!


After making his way past the entrance curtain, Joey hid to the side rather than entering the ring. As Damon made his way out, Joey smashed him in the face with his briefcase! What followed would be a back and forth encounter with Joey attempting to pull out every dirty trick in his arsenal to put away the leader of the Nomad Nation! Joey was in rare form, knocking the wind out of Damon with targeted strikes and a diving shoulder tackle. With the fans rallying behind him, Damon fought back with hard clotheslines and a series of slams! The battle continued to rage on, with Joey continuing to gain leverage, only to be beaten back with a wicked spinebuster that nearly put him away! SoCal Crazy came out again attempting to help his new ally! Standing on the apron, he held out the briefcase as Joey attempted to Irish whip his foe into it! A reversal sent Joey crashing into his own briefcase however! Damon followed up with his signature powerslam, and before SoCal Crazy could make the save, gained a pinfall victory! DAMON DIVINE makes it into the finals!

SoCal Crazy once again made his way to the ring with his entourage in tow, which included his own personal mariachi musician playing him to the ring, FUW ring girl Alana, and of course his manager Ric Dynamic. Jacob made his way to the ring with Lizzy Sunshine in tow, this time in person! This was definitely one of the most competitive matches Fans United Wrestling had ever had, with two veterans giving it everything they had to make their way to finals, and neither being above playing dirty! Both men took their time feeling the other out and not wanting to make a mistake, with Crazy also taking the time to grab a mic and tell the fans to shut up. At several points the action spilled to the outside, with both men brawling through the fans and around the entire bar. A notable highlight included SoCal Crazy landing to consecutive vicious powerbombs onto Jacob! Lizzy continually got into it with Ric Dynamic on the outside! The finish came with SoCal Crazy German suplexing Jacob into his head, but Jacob rolled through to give him a lariat clothesline followed by a spear. Jacob then hit the Diezlexia bridging into a fisherman’s buster for the pin!!! Your winner, and the final man to advance into the finals, JACOB “THE RIOT” DIEZ!!! Afterward, a FURIOUS SoCal Crazy started blaming his loss on Ric Dynamic, who talked Crazy into beleiving it was Alana’s fault! Crazy SLAPPED ALANA ACROSS THE FACE and left to a huge chorus of jeers and boos as he held his hands aloft with Ric Dynamic and his mariachi singer!

The winner of the raffle was held, as one lucky fan won a Kray Z Klown/ Rasta Lion hybrid lucha mask signed by all of the luchadores in the battle royale earlier that night!

Both men received strong reactions for their efforts as they made their ways to the ring, with streamers being thrown into the ring both for Jacob and Damon! Jacob wore them around his neck like a boa and announced that he was “streaming live!” Referee Chaz Richards helld the FUW Heavyweight championship high in the air for the audience to remind them what was at stake. The bell rang, and your final match and main event of the evening was underway! From the first lockup it was clear that Damon would hold the edge in power, but that Jacob was no slouch in that department either, and could make up the difference in technical finesse! Damon caught Jacob off guard early on with lou Thesz press, rattling his brain with a series of punches! A dropkick from Damon would send Jacob to the outside! Lizzy Sunshine would grab Damon’s leg as he attempted to re-enter, giving Jacob a chance to mount a comeback, which included a somersault leg drop from the middle rope! The crowd was very divided during this match, with both men having gained the respect and admiration of the fans! Jacob was a master of counters in this match, narrowly escaping Damon’s running powerslam into a spinning heel kick! Showing a display of power of his own, at one point he even dead lifted his adversary into a powerbomb that nearly gained him the championship. Damon refused to be denied however, even kicking out of the same Diezlexia combo that had just put away SoCal Crazy earlier that evening! Even two running powerslams were not enough to put the Riot away, as Damon took to the air and hit his now trademark Nomad splash from the top rope! Despite having clearly hurt his own ribs from the force of the impact, Damon was able to quickly make his way back over to Jacob to go for the pin! 1, 2, 3! Your winner, and THE VERY FIRST FANS UNITED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, THE NOMAD, DAMON DIVINE!!!! As referee Chaz Richards handed Damon the title, a chorus of more streamers were thrown into the ring as the fans celebrated his victory! Damon did a lap around the ring celebrating with fans as they also applauded Jacob for his strong showing!

As Damon made it back into the ring to pose with the belt one more time, he was attacked by SoCal Crazy and Joey “The Bone” Barone! Joey locked Damon in his signature leg lock as Crazy mocked him with his own championship belt. Getting on the mic, the two proclaimed that they would let them enjoy the belt for the night, but that it would soon be theirs, and that FUW still belonged to “Crazy Entertainment!” Despite being in intense pain, Damon was able to make it around the ring one more time to shake hands with fans as they cheered while he made his way to the back!

Jon Allen thanked fans for coming to the show and announced that FUW would return to San Diego on September 20th, and to stay tuned to FansUnitedWrestling.com for all the details!

Credit: Jon Allen