[RESULTS] UEW “March of the Damned” Aug 2nd

UEWUEW 8-2-14 flyer
March of the Damned
August 2nd 2014
Sun Valley, Ca

On Saturday, August 2nd, Underground Empire Wrestling presented March of the Damned. Live at the VFW post #10040 in Sun Valley, CA.

The opening of the show, traditionally conducted by Kyle Wylde & AWC Ron Rivera, had an addition….none other than Manny Peeples himself came to UEW to sit ringside at the commentary table!

The night opened with the fan that was attacked at Empire Rising, Harry Henderson taking on his attacker Christian Saint. A match that was agreed upon by UEW management as a barter to not have any legal action taken against them for the attack. In the end, after a valiant effort by Henderson, Christian Saint won via submission with a single leg lock. Following the match Saint offered his hand as a showing of respect, a handshake that Henderson refused.

Match 2 of the night was a 1st round match in the UEW Tag-Team Championship Tournament, a match that started with Sean Black calling out Christian Saint to be his partner against the Heavyhitters. Sean Black turned on Saint and left him to be decimated by the Heavyhitters, at the end if the match Sean Black told the ‘Hitters that they owed him one.

Match 3 was also a 1st round match in the UEW Tag-Team Championship Tournament, Bruno Santana & “Torito” Garcia took on the team of Murcielago Rojo & “The Manster” Warhog. The impressive debut led the team of Santana & Garcia straight to victory & advancement in the tournament. Following the conclusion of the match “The Manster” Warhog attacked Murcelago Rojo….a vicious attack that ended with Warhog proclaiming Murcielago Rojo’s mask will soon belong to him, and coming from someone dubbed the ‘luchador killer’ a threat that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The fourth match of the night was, on paper, a classic ‘David vs Goliath’ bout. Hoss Hogg and Daniel Torch squared of in a battle that went all over the VFW hall, this match was not one sided, it was an all out brawl. In the end Daniel Torch defeated the southern smasher Hoss Hogg.

Match 5 of the night was to be the UEW Eastern Pacific Championship match, Jacob “The Riot” Diez made his way to the ring ready to become a champion. However, Sean Black came to the ring and declared that he had an agreement in place that wouldn’t allow the match to happen, Sean Black said that if Famous B wasn’t getting a shot neither would Diez. Sean Black took care of Mike Rayne getting him the night off, and now Jacob Diez was going to be taken care of…Sean Black -vs- Jacob Diez was the match that was going to take place, the match was back and fourth until the Heavyhitters hit the ring, it appeared that Sean Black had called in the favor that was owed. The Heavyhitters commenced on destroying Jacob Diez, and the match was ruled a no-contest.

Match 6 of the night was the female match of the night pitting two of the baddest and brutal women around, the NY Knockout took on Christina Von Eerie…this matchup was a physical contest, not a cat fight! A match interrupted by Sage Sin Supreme who came down to the ring looking for retribution for her loss at the hands of the NY Knockout at Empire Rising, telling the NY Knockout that they had unfinished business. That matchup was then ruled to continue as a triple threat match. The all out physical prowess of these women were showcased with NY Knockout taking the victory with roll up on Sage Sin Supreme. Two consecutive losses to the same opponent cannot sit well in the mind of Sage Sin Supreme.

Match seven of the night was the matchup that had been anticipated by all since it was inked, “Hatebreed” Ricky Barrera took on The “New Age Punisher” B-Boy, this match was one of the greatest matches ever to be contested under the UEW banner, this matchup quickly went into high gear and never downshifted! This match was absolutely lava hot! When the smoke cleared and it was all said and done, “Hatebreed” Ricky Barrera walked away the victor!

Match 8 was the continued attempt from UEW management to rid the company of their ‘Vandal’ issue, Michael Rummans kept Andre Verdun’s opponent secret until he hit the curtain…Andre Verdun stepped into a war with Mr. California! A fight that quickly went into the crowd and all over the building. This contest ended with Andre Verdun getting the pin over Mr. California, after the match Andre Verdun showed his mutual respect and welcomed Mr. California to the Underground.

Match 9 was the UEW Heavyweight Championship bout, UEW Heavyweight Chamoion Bobby Hart defended against Chris Dickinson! Dino Winwood took Bobby Hart’s challenge very seriously and brought in a very serious challenger! This matchup, even without a title on the line, was a purely championship caliber contest! Bobby Hart & Chris Dickinson stepped through those ropes and left it all in the ring, a back and forth display of brute strength that seen Bobby Hart defeat Chris Dickinson via pinfall to retain his UEW Heavyweight Championship. Down a loss, but far from defeated, Dino Winwood vowed to bring a new challenger to attempt to topple the titan!

The Main Event of the evening was B.C. Killer taking on the “Human Horror Film” Supreme! A match that the Body Count Killer stalked his way into to receiving. Supreme, not to be deterred by the mind games and their very violent past meetings came to March of the Damned to eliminate the threat of the killer once and for all! Violent, brutal, bloody, and horrifying are all words not even worthy of trying to describe that match-up. The two men went in for the kill the second the bell sounded. Supreme was able to complete his putrid prophecy of defeating the Body Count Killer. After the three was counted, after the bell had sounded, UEW Talent Liaison, Danny Ramirez hit the ring to inform Supreme that due to UEW Management’s refusal to sign the match of Damian & Bestia 666 -vs- Supreme and a partner if his choosing, Mr. Ramirez now wants the matchup to take place in Tijuana! Danny Ramirez took liberties with his tone when challenging Supreme as Danny has a clause in his contract that he cannot be touched by the “Human Horror Film”…however, a clause doesn’t include all of the Supreme family, as Danny turned to exit the ring he was met with a light tube wielding Sage Sin Supreme who busted the light tube right across Danny’s head. Will the match Danny wants take place outside of UEW in Tijuana? Only time can tell! #TheThreatIsReal

Credit: UEW’s Kyle Wylde