[RECAP] SANTINO BROS on June 27th 2014

The show kicks off with Sgt Major Alexander Paul in the santino 6-27-14 flyer2ring calling out Robby Phoenix to sign the contract for their match at the upcoming AWS/Santino Bros joint show on July 25th. Sgt says when its all settle is done,Robby will be gone & he’ll get his company back in this winner takes all match. After they’ve signed the contract, Sgt talks about this evenings card.


Triple Threat Match:
Cedric the Hitman def “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo & Gregory Sharpe when Sharpe hit a reverse flying cutter on Crescenzo & Cedric threw out Sharpe & cover Crescenzo for the 3 count.

Allie Parker def Raze via DQ when Fern Owens attacked her.

Prior to his match, Seville the Thrill comes out to talk some trash to all the fans & says he’s making an open challenge to anyone without acknowledging his opponent “The Definition of Pain” Terex who was in the ring.

“The Definition of Pain” Terex def Seville the Thrill with Terex’s Moonsault finisher.

Tag Team Match:
Willie Mack & “The Butcher” Tyler Bateman def “The Metal Head Maniac” Sledge & Santino Bros Champion Che Cabrera when Mack delivered a Chocolate Thunder Driver on Cabrera.

Rico Dynamite & Brian Kendrick ended in a No Contest as they reached the 10 min time limit as fans chanted for 5 more mins. Sgt Major comes out to say “10 mins is 10 mins, you didn’t get the job done”. Both Dynamite & Kendrick shake hands in this hard fought match.

Main event for the Santino Bros Submission Championship:
Famous B (w/Sgt. Major Alexander Paul) def “Bad Dude” Tito Escondido to retain the championship.

First of all, apologies since I wasn’t able to post this sooner but due to my work schedule & watching the feed, took me a little while to post. As to all Santino Bros shows, I watched this event via Ustream.com. The show was great but lost the Ustream feed at the Famous B/Tito Escondido match but thankfully Dashawns2cents was able to give me the end result, thus because of that I can’t nominate this match in the Match of the night since I wasn’t able to see it. My Matches of the Night are based on what I was able to see & these are my picks:

Willie Mack/Tyler Bateman vs Sledge/Che Cabrera
Rico Dyanmite vs Brian Kendrick
Terex vs Seville the Thrill

Santino Bros will be back this coming Friday, July 11th for Fan Appreciation Night in Bell Gardens, ca

Until next time, I’m Mike Draven & I’ll see you at ringside.