[Recap of Vendetta’s “2014 Summer Sizzle Tour” June 14th

Shot of the Night - 06-14-14

This CHAOS COLUMN is a recap of Vendetta Pro Wrestling “2014 Summer Sizzle Tour” at the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley on June 14th 2014.  The House of Hardcore show in Rincon running at about the same time, combined with the Father’s Day Weekend, may’ve affected the turnout, but this show still drew a good number, considering the circumstances.

1 – Che Cabrera p. Eli Everfly
Good opener that saw Che hit a Powerbomb from the top rope to prevent a Huracanrana from Eli.

2 – Four-way elimination match between Alexander G. Bernal, Clay Tawzer, Max Ammo, & “Shogun” Jimi Mayhem.
Fairly short but effective match that saw Clay first eliminate Max with his version of the Clothesline From Hell for the pin, then he was pinned by AGB with a rollup, who then ate Jimi’s big Yakuza Kick for the final pin.

3 – Jacob Diez p. Sunami.
Good match that saw Jacob’s valet get involved a few times, including a referee distraction that allowed Jacob to low blow Sunami, then hit what kinda looked like a Wheelbarrow Slam or a Modified Falcon Arrow for the pin.


Shot of the Night - 06-14-14

Shot of the Night – 06-14-14

4 – Vintage Dragon successfully defended the Tri-Force title over Lil Cholo & Chris Hero.
A great 3-way match that saw VD overcome a bunch of classic Hero strikes and holds, including a handful of Spinning Elbows and Yakuza Kicks, to get a Reversal Cradle or Crucifix on Cholo for the pin. All three wrestlers shook hands after the bell.

5 – Shane & Shannon Ballard successfully defended the Tag Team titles over Parental Discretion (Mario Banks & Mike Menace).

Fairly even match that saw Shane Ballard win a cover war over Mario Banks for the pin.

SM – Hobo (who subbed for Kadin Anthony) p. Buddy Royal.
Buddy really got on a handful of fans’ nerves with his constant banter, then got silenced by Hobo, who hit his Boxcar Special for the pin.

M – Hudson Envy, Sledge, & Tyler Bateman (w/ Ruby Raze) def. The New Creepshow (Sage Sin Supreme, JD Horror, & Brawlin’ Bo Cooper).
Another pretty even tag team match that turned the heel trio’s way when The Ballard Bros. interfered while the lone referee working the card was distracted, smacking a baseball bat down the back of JD Horror, allowing Sledge to roll him up for the pin. After the bell, Bo called out the Canadian duo, asking for a match at the next VPW Simi Valley show.

A really decent card given the circumstances. Most of the crowd on hand had to be generally those living in the area, if not the MPW faithful. I was pretty surprised that Hero opted for this booking instead of something bigger like the House of Hardcore show, but he really put Cholo & VD over. Speaking of which, the Tri-Force title match gets my nod for MOTN, followed by the 6-wrestler tag match.

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