[RESULTS] Santino Bros “Dynamite D Memorial Show” May 2nd 2014

Santino Brossantino 5-2-14 flyer

Dynamite D Memorial Show

May 2nd, 2014

Bell Gardens, ca

Robby Phoenix def Hoss Hogg

Submission Tournament 1st Round Matches:
Tyler Bateman def Socal Crazy
Bad Dude Tito def Sasha Darevko
Famous B def Fern Owens
Laberinto def Kayam

Santino Bros Championship Match:
Che Cabrera def Voodoo kAos

Submission Tournament Semi Finals:
Bad Dude Tito def Tyler Bateman
Famous B def Laberinto

Ruby Raze as a Ultimate Warrior Parody won the Flashback Battle Royal

Sgt Major Alexander def Ali Hussein

Submission Championship Tournament Final:
Famous B def Bad Dude Tito Escondido after Sgt Major reversed the decision due to Tito using the Banned F5.
Famous B is your 1st Ever Submissions Champion.