A Recap of PWG’s Mystery Vortex II

Shot of the Night 03-28-14

This CHAOS COLUMN is a recap of  Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s “Mystery Vortex II” March 28th 2014 at the American Legion Post #308, Reseda.  The whole card may have been a mystery, and some ideas may have been sprung as the talents made their way in, but it didn’t stop another capacity crowd from filling the hall.

1 – Triple Threat Match.  Andrew Everett def. Cedric Alexander & Trevor Lee.
The two newcomers from North Carolina, who have been seemingly making names for themselves in the East Coast, made a big splash out West.  Andrew p. Cedric with the Shooting Star Press.

2 – Joey Ryan, Willie Mack, & B-Boy def. Peter Avalon & The RockNES Monsters
Crazy match ended with B-Boy hitting the Shining Wizard on a rope-propped PPA, who then stumbled into Joey Ryan’s Superkick for the pin.

3 – Roderick Strong p. Anthony Nese
Roddy looked like he recovered well from his latest injury, and his recent FIP match must’ve helped him get back into form.  Nese looked better this time around, but he still got dropped by Roddy’s Sick Kick/DBR Backbreaker combo.

4 – Triple Threat Tag Team Match.  Unbreakable F’n Machines (Michael Elgin & Brian Cage) def. ACH & AR Fox, and the Inner City Machine Guns (DG Japan “Open the Dream Gate” Champion Ricochet, & Rich Swann).
This one was just as wild & crazy as the 3-way singles match, especially when Michael Elgin did a Suicide Dive, followed by Brian Cage doing a Moonsault off the Top Turnbuckle.  The biggest team of the three then combined for a 100-second Delayed Vertical Suplex on Rich Swann, that made him spit out his gum.  Cage & Elgin kept on going, and rolling with the bumps from the high flyers, eventually hitting the Elgin Bomb & Discus Lariat on ACH & AR Fox for the pin.

5 – Chris Hero def. Tommaso Ciampa
Great singles match that had a mix of everything.  Hero hit his Rolling Elbow Strike on the back of Ciampa’s head, then twisted his torso in a wicked submission hold for the tapout.

6 – Kyle O’Reilly def. Johnny Gargano
Like the previous singles match, these two pulled out all the stops themselves, but it was Kyle O’Reilly who hit his combo last, then rolled it into the Cross Armbreaker submission for the tapout.

SM – PWG Tag Team Title Match.  The Young Bucks (C – Matt & Nick Jackson) v. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent? [Baretta])
This could’ve easily been one of the better tag team title match out there, especially with Matt Jackson still nursing the broken hand as a result of a NJPW match recently, yet still go out and add the ROH Tag Team titles to their trophy case.  Things got really chaotic when Referee Justin Borden took a ref bump, and was unable to see Chuck Taylor put a double-submission hold on the Jackson brothers.  Adam Cole came out to stop a 3-count from Referee Rick Knox, and did more distractions while Nick Jackson low-blowed Chuck Taylor, who had Matt in a submission hold, and that was all they needed to roll Chuckie T up for the pin.

* So Adam Cole joins his fellow Mt. Rushmore stablemates–sans Kevin Steen, who took care of family business that night–and issued his open challenge for the PWG singles title, answered by Candice LeRae.

M – PWG Singles Titles Match.  Adam Cole v. Candice LeRae
You have to hand it to Candice for standing up against the “Panama City Playboy” for as long as she did, but Adam Cole, right now, is just in a league of his own.  He took the initiative late, ending it with the Florida Keys for the pin.

Shot of the Night 03-28-14

Shot of the Night 03-28-14

The question in PWG remains, now that it’s known that Drake Younger is NXT-bound.  Is there anyone who can rise to the occassion and take down the Mt. Rushmore stable?  Well, it seems that Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae will be gunning for the Young Bucks again; but that still leaves the question about whether a new wrestler can stand up to Adam Cole, or if a man like Hero, O’Reilly, or Gargano, can get up and challenge for the title again.  Personally, right now, I don’t think any title changes will happen until the 11th Anniversary Show, but we’ll have to see when’s the next card, and who’s on it.  My choice for MOTN goes to the 3-Way Tag Team Match, followed by the Hero/Ciampa match, then the O’Reilly/Gargano match.

That’s all the wrestling for me until the next AWS show, barring the luck of the scheduling at WonderCon Anaheim on Easter Weekend that can open up the possibility of a SBWA show, or the SCP 7-Year Anniversary Show.  In the interim, you can find me attending a handful of NHL games, as well as WonderCon Anaheim.

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