[Photos] from Wrestling Cares: Race for the Ring Apr. 27th 2013

Les Thatcher & Nigel McGunniess

2/3 of the WCA Brain Trust (Missing David Jackson who was running around)

Colt Boom Boom Cabana

Colt Cabana received a Hero’s Welcome before his match with Kyle Matthews

Drew Gulak vs Bobby Sharp

Drew Gulak of CZW battled Bobby Sharp of CNWA

Jamin Olivencia

Reigning Ohio Valley Heavyweight Champion one to watch Jamin Olivencia

Kyle O'Riley

1/2 ROH Tag Team Champion, an amazing talent Kyle O’Riley

O'Riley dropkick Richards

My 2nd Favorite Picture of the Night, O’Riley dropkicks Richards in the face

Tournament Participants

Essentially the Tournament Roster for the Tournament

Vordell Walker

The Shooter Vordell Walker, I was really looking forward to seeing him live.

B-Boy Crunch

Favorite Picture of the Night… B-Boy’s Kryptonite Krunch on McAllister

Nese v Cole

PWG World Champion Adam Cole vs. Anthony Nese close the night.

It was an incredible night of wrestling at the Alexandria Ball Rooms, for a Recap of the show please read the Chaos Column Recap.

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