[Results] EWF in Covina, ca










Empire Wrestling Federation

Knights of Columbus Hall

Covina, Ca


This EWF event was a special Fundraiser event for the Autism Association of Long Beach

Here is what happened at this evenings EWF show:


Prince Raccid Najjar (w/Jafar) defeated “Uptown” Andy Brown with a Eat Defeat finisher

American Champion Sugar Sweet came out to talk about his match with Brute Baretto against SOCAL CRAZY & EWF Champion Brandon Gatson. He then invited the team of Nothing but Trouble to the ring to interview them. Maddox gets on the mic & talked about how he’s travel to a few states where he dominates everywhere he goes. Then he sees Tab Jackson, invites her to the ring & asks her out on a date. She turns him down & Richie Slade comes in to save her.

“Rock of Love” Billy Blade defeated Patient Zero (replacing an injured Scorpio Sky) with a roll up

“Ironman” Mike Maze defeated “The Metal Maniac” Sledge with a Flying Elbow from the top rope

EWF Tag Team Champions The Von Dooms & Mexican Warrior defeated Anchors Away (David E. Jones & Ryan Stone) & Flecha Fugaz when Warrior submitted Fugaz with a Boston Crab.

Afterwards Warrior & Fugaz talked trash to each other (in Spanish) but Warrior challenge Fugaz in a Mask vs Mask match at the next show

American Champion Sugar Sweet & Brute Baretto(w/ Marty Elias) defeated EWF Champion Brandon Gatson & SOCAL CRAZY when Sugar pushed Gatson into Marty Elias who had the EWF belt & cracked him over the head for the three count

Afterwards, Elias grabs the mic & said that Gatson didn’t look like a champion & if he wrestled him, he could beat him for the championship. Commissioner Johnny Starr came out & made it official for the next show

Main Event

“The Original Mr. Wonderful” Rock Riddle (w/Ms. Denise) defeated Vizzion with a roll up

EWF announced there taking it easy for the rest of the month of April but will return next month for EWF’s 17th Anniversary Extravaganza show taking place on Friday, May 3rd in Covina & Saturday May 4th in San Bernardino. Already announced for Night 1 on May 3rd:

Main Event:

The Great Goliath 40 man Rumble to crown #1 contender

EWF Championship

Brandon Gatson (c) vs Marty Elias

Last Chance Match

“Ironman” Mike Maze vs Scorpio Sky

Mask vs Mask Match

Flecha Fugaz vs Mexican Warrior


After attending last night’s EWF show in covina, I always give my respects to all the talent who entertains the fans & do what they love to do. And I always look for which match really got me into the match( storytelling, chemistry, etc) for my Match of the Night & the match of night for me went to:

“Ironman” Mike Maze vs Sledge

This was my first time seeing these two face each other & these to indy stars had something the clicked very well. They had a hard hitting match but told a good story & had great chemistry in the ring. I would love to see these two continue a feud with each other in EWF in other types of matches ie: Last man standing or Ironman matches. This match kept fans in the seats & even sparked a “Let’s go Ironman”/”Let’s go Sledge” chant. So overall, even though all the matches had their own “spark”, this match had everyone glued to their seats.