[Photos] from CWF Hollywood Jan. 13th 2013

The Power of the Ultimate Goodtime



The World Famous B

Welcome Back SoCal Crazy

Los Banditos Tito Jawing with the Fans

RockNES – Johnny Avalon & Johnny Rosas

Tyler “I ain’t No Rookie” Citron

The Power of the Ultimate Goodtime

Pass The Gravy!

Wrestling Royalty: Percy “Paul Bearer” Pringle

The “New Scrap Daddy” James Morgan and Heather

Another fun day of wrestling at the Glendale Studios.  We saw the return of Nick Madrid, SoCal Crazy, the announcement of the Hollywood Heritage Title, Adam Pearce, “Scrap Iron” James Morgan, New Members of the Family Stone, Heather Lynn, Percy Pringle III, Shaun Ricker, Brian “Mr GMSI” Cage, Johnny Goodtime Power Pressing Peter Avalon, Tyler Citron, Tito Escondido, and more.

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