Mach-1 Wrestling [Update]

Mach One Wrestling

Recently on the SCU Message Board, 2011 SoCal Year End Nominations there was some discussion with regards to Mach-1 Wrestling about what happened, why they quit promoting shows, when they will be back, and what happened with their venue.  To put it lightly, there was a lot of misinformation so I went to Jon Ian and Josh Waldrop for some answers and some clarification.  This is your official M1w Update as of January 10th 2012.
Mach-1’s final show at the American Sports Center, the former home of “Friday Fight Night” was September 12th 2011.  There were many things contributing to the venue change.  Unlike what some speculated Mach-1 wasn’t expelled from ASC, its lease was up.

“As a company there were things we wanted to do that  the American Sports Center, could not contain.  We wanted more room and a bigger area, those people who don’t know the venue we had was intimate and a great ambiance, but we wanted a place where we could shoot things (skits and promos).  Some people may or may not know that our dressing room was just a back hall way for the fire exit.”

–Josh Waldrop (VP of Operations for Mach-1)

The search began for a new venue in Mach One WrestlingOctober coinsiting with the Wrath of Con 3 event.  I was told an announcement as imminent on a new home for Mach-1, Friday Fight Nights, and Wrestling 101.  However things changed when Jon Ian’s health took a turn for the worse.  Jon was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, putting everything on hold.  Jon has been battling his illness and is taking care of himself.  Although doing better the proprietor of Mach-1 isn’t quite 100%.  “Jon looks great, he’s lost nearly 50lbs,” said Josh.  He went on to say “He’s been following the doctor’s orders, eating better, staying in shape and working out. ”

Ultimately patience must be expected for the Fans of “Friday Fight Night.”  Weekly shows will continue, but not until Jon Ian is feeling 100% and given a clean bill of health.  A new location has been agreed to in principle and when Jon is ready to come back the location will be announced.

As far as the status of Mach-1 New Year’s Cup, it is still up in the air.  It really depends on when Mach-1 returns.  Its postponement has not been declared indefinitely, but by virtue of the name if it doesn’t happen soon, it’ll be rescheduled for next year.

Mach-1 Wrestling will be announcing their Year End Awards soon, stay tuned to the facebook page