SCWEA Presents: Eating Challenge #2

SoCal Wrestlers Eating Association PRESENTS Challenge II: Wing Challenge Invitational Tournament.

SoCal Wrestlers Eating Association

1.5.12  San Diego: September 17th,2011 marked the date that Jeff Dino (Owner and Operator of SoCal Pro) would win the SCWEA World Title in the first ever The Otter Pop Challenge Invitational over names such as Player Dos,Johnny Yuma, Everett Scott, Ryan Kidd, and more. Despite controversy that night, Jeff still walked away with the 10 ounces of cardboard and tape. However, Ryan Kidd (Co-Creator of SCWEA) would not allow Jeff Dino to bask in his Championship glory all throughout 2012, thus creating the SCWEA Challenge II: The Wing Challenge Invitational Tournament! That’s right folks! Tuesday, January 10th Eaters from all across Southern California are invited to take part in this historic event! All challengers to  the SCWEA title must follow these guidelines in order to participate in the second ever epic gathering of outrageously hungry men (and boy)! :

Rules and Regulations for the Challenge!

– Challenge taking place at Hooters in Rancho Bernardo at around 6pm on 1.10.12-

1) All competitors must pay for their own wings. (approx $12.99)

2) All wings must be eaten by one competitor (no teams)

3) Drinks are able to be drank during the challenge.

4) Any flavor of wings may be eaten (competitor’s preference.)(NO BONELESS WINGS)

5) Each contstant must pay $2 to participate

6) The winner is determined by the competitor that can eat the most wings in 22 1/2 minutes.

7) A “finished” wing is a wing that is eaten down to the bone approx 90% done

8) Winner recieves the SCWEA Championship as well as the cash prize!

*All Wrestlers are invited to participate in the challenge! Email for info*

Challenge sanctioned by SCWEA & SoCalPro Wrestling