HIP-HOP’s Wrestling Invasion: GQ Money to open for KRS-One

HIP-HOP’s WRESTLING INVASION GQ Money, Famous B and shady referee Danny “Monchichi” Ramirez to open for hip-hop legend KRS-One!

The Urban Wrestling Federation brought hip-hop to wrestling, and on Friday October 28th in Hollywood, CA… “Smiley and Friends” will bring wrestling to hip-hop, as pro wrestling personality GQ Money steps on stage with his hype men Famous B and Monchichi to rock the stage at the world famous Key Club on the legendary Sunset Strip, as they open for hip-hop legend KRS-One.

Known in the wrestling world for his constant energy and gift of gab, GQ Money made a name for himself in XPW, and then went on to TNA, Wrestling Society X and even working for the WWE Smackdown vs Raw video game franchise for many years. He has appeared on game shows, reality shows, infomercials and more, and now he steps on stage in a world some people say he doesn’t belong in.

“It’s not the first time I’ve been looked at like I don’t belong. I’m 5’5 and have pursued a career in wrestling, and before wrestling, I’ve always pursued hip-hop. I’ve always been the little guy that has to prove himself, and in this sense, the little white guy who has to prove himself. It’s no sweat though, it’s what I do. In fact, I credit my wrestling promo skills to what I learned over the years about becoming a MC from KRS-One,” said GQ Money, or Smiley, as he is called outside of the ring. “KRS is the greatest MC of all time, and to grace the same stage, on the same night, is a dream come true.”

Backing up Smiley with hype man duties will be Urban Wrestling Federation star Famous B, who just so happens to hold multiple championship titles from all around Southern California and the rest of the country. Getting up on stage with Smiley, and opening for KRS is just something B had to do. “You know, Smiley is dope and everything. I mean his skills will catch you off guard,” said B with a cocky grin and million dollar smile. “But when we were in a locker room recently I said to him, you know I could make you Famous. He looked at me with a smile, and said, lets do this. It was on from there.”

When asked if they were going to bring a little wrestling flavor to the stage, all their faces lit up with excitement and Smiley said, “We’re going to bring the energy, the excitement and the entertainment. We’re professional wrestlers, that’s what we do, even when we’re not wrestling!”