Chaos Column: Recap of DCWs “1st Anniversary Show” Oct. 15th 2011

Shot of the Night DCW Oct 15th

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of Dungeon Championship Wrestling’s  “1st Anniversary Show”  show from the American Legion Post #507  in Newhall.  Only a relative handful of fans came to the venue since Vendetta Pro attracted many fans in the region to see WWE alums D.H. Smith & Chavo Guerrero Jr. in action. Still, those who did came to this show were treated to some great wrestling action on the 10-match, 2 1/2-hour card.
1 – Ryan Kidd p. Ray The Knockout w/ a rollup to counter the Shining Wizard attempt. For a lightweight wrestler, Ryan Kidd definitely dished out some loud, hard chops. Why couldn’t he do that against Damage Control (Destro & Duke) at the last So-Cal Pro Wrestling show in Oceanside?

2 – Tito Escondido p. James Morgan, countering the Chicken Wing submission into a facebreaker submission. Unfortunately, James Morgan broke his right collarbone and had to go to the hospital after the match–an injury he likely took when he hit the mat from Tito’s finisher. He’ll definitely be out for awhile, and that will definitely alter storylines related to The Family Stone on NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

3 – K-Dubb p. Vic D. Vine (who subbed for Tommy Misfit) w/ what I believe was a Torture Rack Backbreaker, countering the Pump Handle Slam. Good match between a couple of big men.

4 – SoCal Crazy def. Ultimo Shamu by DQ. Good lucha libre match ended when Dragon ran in and attacked SoCal Crazy, trying to break up the Lebell Lock submission. Espiritu Infernal came out to make the save.

5 – Ladies in tag team action, featuring a couple of regional stars, and two women who made it into this year’s PWI Female 50. The Dangerous Angels (Allison Danger & Sara Del Rey) def. Bump N Grind (NY Knockout Nikki & Morgan, w/ Vic D. Vine & one other manager who dressed up somewhat like Donnatello of TMNT), w/ Thunderkitty as the special guest referee. From the bell, Thunderkitty was obviously biased against Bump N Grind, despite some great women’s wrestling action, putting the final nail in the coffin when she gave the rapid 3-count to Allison Danger when she got Morgan in a Crucifix Rollup. Talk about shell shock.

6 – Fern Owen p. Espiritu Infernal w/ a backbreaker hold into a neckbreaker. Nice finisher in the short but effective match.

7 – Dragon p. Willie Mack w/ a Crucifix Rollup, taking advantage of Ultimo Shamu’s distraction.

8 – Non-title tag team match. NWA/M1W Heritage Tag Team Champions The Tribe (Navajo Warrior & Hawaiian Lion) def. Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre). See-saw match made a turn towards The Tribe when Anchors Away (David E. Jones & Ryan Stone) distracted the referee, then unloaded on Los Luchas themselves after Hawaiian Lion p. Phoenix Star w/ the slingshot facebreaker team finisher.

SM – #1 Contenders Match for the DCW Heavyweight Championship. Brian Cage p. Ryan Taylor w/ what looked like a Gory Special Facebreaker to end a relatively good match.

Shot of the Night DCW Oct 15th

M – Famous B successfully defended the DCW Heavyweight Championship, pinning B-Boy w/ his 3rd “Flashing Lights” Superkick. Both men brought their respective titles out on display–B-Boy’s New Wave Pro Wrestling Rapid Division title & Battleground Pro Wrestling Ring Warrior title, and Famous B’s Revolution Pro Junior Heavyweight title & IWL Anarchy title), then unloaded on each other to produce what may’ve been a 5-Star Match w/ plenty of see-saw battles and high spots–definitely the match of the night. Famous B then cut a promo w/ promoter Christian Cole to close out the show.

On the way out, both Allison Danger & Sara Del Rey stayed for a bit longer during the cleanup to allow the handful of fans left to peruse their fine merchandise & do photo ops. I could definitely agree w/ Allison Danger regarding SDR. Anyone who remembers the AWS Women’s Championship match between SDR & Christina Von Eerie in May 2010 knew that both women gave everything they had on one another. That, combined w/ her work in PWG & AAA in Mexico helped Von Eerie eventually move up into bigger promotions–first SHIMMER, and now TNA.

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