Chaos Column: Recap of WWE SummerSlam 08/14/2011

photo courtesy of World Wrestling EntertainmentSoCal's Finest ring side during Mark Henry vs. Shameus

SoCal’s own btwnchaosnorder gives a recap of WWE SumerSlam 2011 at the Staples Center.  Very electric capacity crowd at Staples Center. There were plenty of WWE Universe members were their Cena “Perseverance” tees or their Punk “Best in the World” tees.  Because of time constraints, I wasn’t able to catch all of the matches that were taped for NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood at the Regent Showcase Theater in Hollywood. They ended up w/ a 12:20pm PDT start, and were still taping when I left for SummerSlam at 3:00pm PDT.

* Nice dark match. Ziggler did pin A-Ri clean w/ the Zig Zag.

* The playing of the U.S. National Anthem was very nice, but Cee Lo Green topped him w/ his own performance. BTW, did you notice that Alicia Fox went the wrong way during the 2nd part of that segment?

* The WWE Live Commentary Radio worked nicely when I bought it, and I relayed some of Cole, Lawler, & Booker’s comments to some of the fans around me.

photo courtesy of World Wrestling Entertainment

SoCal's Finest ring side during Mark Henry vs. Shameus

* There were plenty of moments where I was going “Holy $&!*”. Obviously, the last spot in the Mark Henry/Sheamus match when Mark put Sheamus through the security wall, and when the tables were smashed in the No Holds Barred Match.

* Speaking of the World Title Match, I hope you guys saw my cyan-colored “RKO” sign after Orton regained the World Heavyweight Championship. That one gets my narrow pick for match of the PPV.

* I was definitely surprised that Kelly Kelly retained, and did so reversing the Glam Slam into a Victory Roll, so to speak. Not sure where they go next, but I have to give “Kel Kel” credit for the hard-fought win.

* So Kevin Nash & ADR spoiled the party, huh? I wonder if HHH will have something to say about it, but I look forward to seeing how far ADR goes w/ the title, & maybe they can renew the Rey/ADR rivalry up to Vengeance. Mexico is going to have a fiesta this October.

* Speaking of ADR, after they went off the air, Ricardo Rodriguez (b.k.l.a. Chimaera) came out and announced ADR as the new WWE Champion in the only way he could do it in the “E”–in Spanish.

* Like last year’s SummerSlam, I personally believe that this was a strong and very entertaining card overall, despite some things not going as I predicted, and I did had a feeling that ADR would cash in, and he did, and now he’s !El Nuevo Campeon de WWE!.

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