Brawlin Bo’s Birthday Bash / Fight Night at The Pit April 22nd Recap

By GQ Money

Undoubtedly there are matches, shows, events, feuds or some other X-Factor of something special type situations that define a company, make a statement and monument a seriousness in what they are doing and what they are presenting.

Brawlin’ Bo’s Birthday Bash was one of those nights for the students of Make Me a Pro Wrestler, and for The Pit as a whole!

A celebration was the theme of the evening as we celebrated our Champion (and trainer) Brawlin Bo’s birthday, not to mention the birthday of our (and Socal’s) photographer Andy Durazo, the debut of our new commercial for an IFC Channel reality show starring internet superstars Rhett and Link, and the big moment for me as a trainer, coach, mentor.. The debut to a crowd show for our two latest trainees, Donnie Shallow and The Ram Rock.

JJ “Cool” $teele vs. Donnie Shallow

JJ Cool is a veteran of the game and took control of the match, but the rookie youngster showed heart, perseverance, guts and a connection to the people. The ‘odd’ looking daredevil managed to hit a standing moonsault after Spectre’s interference went wrong, giving the rookie his 1st win, and building him a new set of fans.

Just as Shallow was heading to the back and making his last acknowledgement Mario banks blinsided the exhausted youngster, tossing him back in the ring, eager to prove a point. The Pit was his house and there wasn’t anything he could say about it.

Shallow may have been speechless and suffering an offensive onslaught from Banks, but The Hobo’s music hit to take part in the match, officially making it a triple threat. Oh, The Hobo had a new ring coat, complete with lights!!!

An all out brawl, that was almost ridiculous as it was an all out assault… (sorry, that was Smackdown’s commentary playing in the background). This is uncalled for. Ugh, sorry, did it again.

Big fight which saw Donnie Shallow hit a huge cross body off the top to the outside onto both The Hobo and Mario Banks, allowing him to beat the 10-count, and attaining his 2nd big win of the night and of his career.

At this point Rhett and Link were introduced to the crowd to reveal the new commercial they made for The Pit and for their reality show, which will debut on the IFC Channel this summer. For those that don’t know, Rhett and Link make local commercials on youTube, and their work has posted more than 80-million views. Rhett and Link had spent a few long, grueling days at The Pit, complete with crash course training, market research, field research, research and development and so much more, and this was their reveal to us of what they came up with.

The crowd in attendance loved it, everyone was happy, well, everyone except The Hobo, who was portrayed as “The Baby” complete with diaper and pacifier in the commercial. As Link tried to extend his hand in friendship as to say no hard feelings, The Hobo kicked him in the gut, snatched him in his clenches, and hit Link with a big suplex. Hopefully he didn’t scare him and hurt him too much that he would want to pull the episode and not deliver the final product. yeah right! Those dudes were all in, class acts, funny as hell and great to work with.

Hanes Classic hit the ringside area on behalf of our other rookie The Ram Rock. He told the crowd that he had enlisted The Ram Rock’s services, and for this night, since they would be in a tag-team match, they would be known as “Rammin’ Hard!”

Out came The Slaughterhouse, Mr. impact, Axehammer and their manager The Butcher. Hard hitting, back and forth tag team match-up, that saw The Ram-Rock and Hanes Classic get the win when The Ram Rock came off the top rope with a flying spear on Mr. impact to get the 3-count.

This is where all hell broke loose. The Ram Rock got on the mic, and challenged Bo Cooper to a match for his Pit Pro Championship. Cooper informed The Ram Rock he was injured and it wasn’t going to happen, but then The Ram Rock pushed Bo, Hanes Classic slapped me, and things broke down into a fight.

It never made it into the ring as chairs, fists, boots, steps, ring posts and slams were used all over the outside by all 4-men. Brawlin bo Cooper nailed The Ram Rock with a chair shot leaving it on his head and around his neck. I followed by doing the same. And then the chair shot that welcomed The Ram Rock to the world of pro wrestling, that split him open, sending blood gushing everywhere.

At this point Hanes Classic and Bo Cooper had entered the ring, and Iwas trying to bring a table to the ring. Hanes Classic cut me off, intercepted the table, and brought out a birthday cake. A bloody Ram Rock nailed me with a pump kick to the head, but fortunately for me, i got out of the way as he tried to spear me, instead spearing the ring post.

Hanes Classic tried to hit Nuts Over My Hammy but Bo countered, catching him in a power-bomb position. I then went into the ring to wish Bo a happy birthday by lighting the candles which erupted into a flame, in which Bo power-bombed Hanes through. yep, a flaming birthday cake through a table.

Brawlin bo Cooper and GQ money over Hanes Classic and The Ram Rock by pin fall.

But the night wasn’t over. Fresh and fly in a new 3-piece suit, the original Pit Pro Championship Tournament winner, AC Spaide stepped into the ring behind Brawlin’ Bo. But Spaide didn’t attack, he just said to Bo, he was coming back for the belt. Spaide hasn’t been in The Pit since he was nearly paralyzed almost 9-months ago.

What a night. What an effort! it was incredible.
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