Jay Cal’s View #1

I was walking out of the Arrowhead Pond in 2000-2001 after a WWE Event. On the way out I was handed a flier for a pro-wrestling show in Santa Ana from a promotion I had never heard of with a roster I had never heard of, but featured Special Guests… The Hardy Boyz. Interested in why the WWE would let their tag team wrestle anywhere else, I checked this out, and was re-introduced to the world of Indy Wrestling. After checking out the UPW event and visiting their website and message board I befriended a guy who I only knew then as UPWScrub. He insisted that I check out this site called SoCalUNCENSORED to find all kinds of new wrestling promotions. It was then I was introduced to the world of SoCalUNCENSORED.

In the past, this site featured passionate message board conversations, well written columns and articles, and interesting interviews. SoCalUNCENSORED was the community for fans of SoCal Indy Wrestling. One of my favorite features of the past was Steve’s View. And while it would be foolish to think that I could match the standard set by Steve, as I have a lot of respect for him, and what he has done. But in the same vein, I’d like to introduce you to the first installment of what I hope will become a regular feature of SoCalUNCENSORED: Jay’s View
The weekend started with 6 Events through out Southern California.

One of the biggest events was Empire Wrestling Federation celebrating 14 years of promoting pro wrestling in SoCal. Very few promotions manage to sustain their business for a more than a couple of shows, lets alone a year. However, Jesse Hernandez and EWF have managed to outlast anyone in SoCal and on behalf of SoCalUNCENSORED, I would like to say thank you to Jesse who has been a fixture in SoCal for so long. Also check out Empire Wrestling Radio Every Saturday Night @ 6:00Pm at KCAA 1050 AM and streaming live on the web www.empirewrestlingfederation.com. Larry and Lalo talk about pro-wrestling and you can join Toll Free 888-909-1050

As you might have seen recently, MPW is releasing a Best of DVD from their old shows. For anyone who wants to relive some memories or see what SoCal was a couple of years ago, make sure you check this DVD out. “The Best of MPW Vol 1” at this link: http://www.mpwwrestling.com/MPW-SHOP.html

I did get to check out the NWA Pro/M1W “Showcase” at Orange High School. Cameras were rolling for television later down the road. Percy Pringle signed autographs and posed for pictures. I felt the show was a great start for NWA Pro’s television taping schedule. The show in Oceanside next month will also be taped for television. And when the news break of what station or website these shows will air on, we’ll make sure to post it to you. There was a lot of new faces and the return of some familiar ones. I was very impressed with size of the crowd. And they were really into the show, so much so that I think they might have tired themselves out towards the end of the show. I really enjoyed Los Luchas vs. RockNES Monsters. Goodtime and Yuma have stepped their game up. I really got an old school vibe to this match, kind of like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. the Midnight Express. I also really enjoyed seeing Percy Pringle ringside with the Natural Selection vs. Ryan and Mack. Mack and Ryan got that crowd behind them very easily and Pringle made sure the fans didn’t look back.

Upcoming Events:
NWA Pro/Mach-1 Wrestling presents “Friday Fight Night” on Friday, May 28th at 8:05pm in Anaheim, CA! featuring the NWA Pro/M1W Heritage Tag Champion Titles being defended by RockNES Monsters against Joey Ryan and Willie Mack.  Also a rematch from the Showcase; Scorpio Sky will take on “Pretty” Peter Avalon and Mikey Callahan will get his 5 minutes with David Troy.

Millennium Pro Wrestling returns Saturday May 29th, 2010, 7:30pm at the MPW Megaplex at 9145 Deering Ave., Chatsworth, CA. 91311.  WWE Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper will join the event that will be headlined by Joey Ryan taking on Ryan Taylor, Disco Machine battling Scorpio Sky, and the return of both Logan X and Cincinnati Red.

Alternative Wrestling Show presents: Students and Pros #9 Sunday, May 20th at 4:30pm at the AWS Arena in Rowland Heights.  The Main Event will feature a Fans Pick the Match for the AWS Heavyweight Championship, between former champion SoCal Crazy and champion Johnny Paradise.  For the first time ever a “Super Happy Fun Deathmatch” between “Naughty Bobby Ramos and TopGun Talwar.  Also “Pretty” Peter Avalon defends his AWS Lightweight Championship against Mr. Excitement.

Weekend Results:
Empire Wrestling Federation
Covina, CA
May 21st. 2010
1. EWF Cruiserweight Title Match -“The King of Strikes” Brandon Parker d. Tim Lovato
2. EWF American Title Match – Liger Rivera def. Extreme Loco
3. Titles/Hair vs. Masks/Careers – SoCal Inferno (SoCal Crazy & Espiritu Infernal) d. Anchors Away
4. “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger d. Ray Rosas
5. EWF Championship Match – Ryan Taylor d. Scorpio Sky
6. 5th Annual Great Goliath 20-Man Rumble – Chris Kadillak won, last eliminating “Overnight Celebrity” Roger Ruiz

NWA Pro/Mach One
“Friday Night Fights”
Anaheim, CA
May 21st. 2010
1.  “Pretty” Peter Avalon d. Jacob Diez
2.  James Morgan d. Nick Madrid
3.  Joey Ryan d. Mike Rayne
4.  Christina Von Eerie d. Kitana Vera
5.  M1 Heritage Tag Team Champions – The RockNES Monsters d. Natural Selection
6.  M1 Champion – Willie Mack d. Johnny Paradise

NWA Pro/Mach One “The Showcase”
Orange, CA
May 22nd. 2010
W101 Student Showcase – Jacob Diez, Nick Madrid, Jarek Matthews, and Mike Meyers d. Ruben Iglesias, Leo Blaze, Kyu, and Josh Worthy
2. Mikey Callahan d. Kyle Webb – Callahan will get 5 minutes in the ring with David Troy at “Friday Fight Night” this Friday.
3. Brandon Parker d. Mike Rayne
4. “Pretty” Peter Avalon d. Scorpio Sky by Disqualification
5. No. 1 Contenders Match for the M1 Championship – James Morgan d. Andrew Hellman
6. M1 Heritage Tag Team Championship – The RockNES Monsters(c) d. Los Luchas
7. Kitana Vera/Candice LaRae d. Christina Von Eerie/Buggy
8. SoCal Pro Championship – Ricky Mandel(c) w/ C. Edward Vanderpyle d. Disco Machine
9. Blue Demon Jr. d. “HKK” Aaron Aguilera w/ El Jefe
10. Joey Ryan/M1 Champion Willie Mack d. Natural Selection w/ Percy Pringle III

Pro Wrestling Uprising
Highland, CA.
May 22nd. 2010
1. Sindarin d. “Untouchable” Ruben Iglesias and “Pretty” Peter Avalon (with Jacob “The Riot” Diez and Mariann).
2. Jerome “LTP” Robinson d. Jacob “The Riot” Diez (with “Pretty” Peter Avalon and Mariann)
3. Chloe def. “Krazy” Kiara Dillon to become the first ever World Independent Ladies’ Division (WILD)Champion.
4. Country Bear and Sexy Chino d. The Stepfamily.
5. EPIC WAR Match – Tyler Bateman (with Sean Bateman and RAZE) d. Simon Lotto.
6. BATTLE ROYAL – 17 wrestlers started in the ring, 15 were eliminated over the top rope to become lumberjacks. Amanda was the last competitor to be eliminated over the top rope. The final two combatants were Tank Alvarado and Jok. Jok won the ensuing Lumberjack Match to get a future shot at the PWU Championship.
7. PWU Championship Match – Johnny Saovi d. Eric Cross

Vendetta Pro Wrestling
Lompoc CA
May 23rd. 2010
1. Mike Rayne & Dos Perfectos d. El Serrucho, Latin Dragon & Kyu
2. Chimaera wins the Triforce Championship Tournament d. Brian Cage & Jason Watts
Watts Pinned Cage – Chimaera pinned Watts
3. Rik Luxury d. Gangrel by DQ via reverse decision
4. Sunami d. Brawlin Bo Cooper in a hardcore match
5. “American Renegade” Nathan Graves d. “Untouchable” Ruben Iglesias
6. Ballard Brothers d. Suburban Commandos & Top Gunz in the Triple Threat Tag Team TwinTacular
7. Jimmy Wang Yang d. Billy Blade