Wrestler Dynamite D passes away

SCU has learned Darren McMillan, who wrestled in SoCal as Dynamite D passed away around 8:00 PM on April 11th. Dynamite D is best known for his time in XPW, however it had been wrestling locally since 1990. D was also responsible for training or helping to train countless SoCal wrestlers including Kaos, Damian Steele, and Ed Ferarra.D also hosted a radio show that was responsible for helping to promote Southern California indy shows in the days prior to the explosion of the Internet.

More information will be posted as it becomes available. SCU wants to send our best wishes to all of Dynamite D’s friends and family.

If you want to post your thoughts or condolences, you may do so here.

Dynamite D in SoCal (brief history Bio)

1989 – 1994 Host of popular radio talk show Wrestle Talk on Cable Radio Network – over 500 shows, including two live ringside broadcasts of WCW at the Great Western Forum. Prompted many to join the ranks of Pro Wrestling including but not limited to: Kriss Kloss, Mace the Ref, Beautiful Jack Studd & Joey Ryan.

1889-90 Trained in wrestling by: Verne Langdon, Sam Houston, Terry Funk & The Fabulous Moolah at Slammers Wrestling Gym.

1990-1996 Appeared in dozens of promotional pieces for Slammers for FNN, USA Network, Channel 7 Eyewitness News, Mc Donalds and many others.

1990-1996 Office Manager Slammers Wrestling Gym

1990-1996 Top Instructor for Slam U, Slammers University of Pro Wrestling. Trained over 50 superstars including:

Hombre de Oro/Carlito Montana (who trained Angel and Messiah)
Samoan Kid/Poncho Killa
Pete Malloy/Johnny Webb
Homelss Jimmy
The Real Deal Damien Steele
Jesus Zapata/Felony
Mace the Ref (& wrestler)
Superstorm/Beautiful Jack Studd
Beautiful Bruce Beaudine/Ed Ferarra
and many others

1991-1996 Wrestler & Booker – Slammers Wrestling Federation(SWF)
1994 Cracked the PWI top 500 wrestlers
1991-1996 Producer on 15 SWF Videos (Co-Hosted 3 of them)

1997-1998 Southern Califorina Championship Wrestling (SCCW) – Owner

1999 Helped develop and launch XPW. Served behind the scenes and wrestled
2000-2002 Instructor at XPW’s Asylum
2001-2002 Created and wrestled as the Mr. 80’s character tribute wrestler

2003 Worked as consultant for GSCW

2005 Worked as Agent & Booker for FCW

2006 Worked as a coordinator on MTV’s WSX

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