NWA Pro Report for 1/31 Huge Wrestling Summit News!

NWA Pro Wrestling Report for 1/31/07

With the Wrestling Summit – Fiesta Lucha at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV less than a month away, NWA Pro offices are busier than ever. A full preview of the event will be released within the week! But the big news for right now is the official announcement that the Wrestling Summit will be hitting the road throughout 2007! Arena sized wrestling & lucha spectaculars are being planned for cities across America! Dates and location will be announced as soon as possible for our fans everywhere to make their plans to catch the action!

As we stated before, the goal here at NWA Pro Wrestling is to make 2007 our biggest and best yet. With the announcement that the Wrestling Summit will be in large arenas throughout the U.S., this is sure to be a year to remember!JANUARY ENDS WITH A WEEKEND FULL OF ACTION!
– Empire Wrestling Federation –
On Friday January 26, our friends at the Empire Wrestling Federation kicked off the weekend with a packed house in Covina, CA and an event that saw the dismantling of longtime faction Starr Inc. First “Sexy” Sonny Samson lost a match to EWF Cruiserweight Champion Ryan Taylor, which forced Samson to leave the group. Then the founder and leader “Handsome” Johnny Starr lost a loser-leaves-EWF match to Bino Gambino to end the faction for good.

Other action saw two NWA Pro/EPW imports beat the Fosters out of each other on Australia Day (the Australian 4th of July/Cinco de Mayo) as Bobby Jo Marshall and “Redback” Cameron Wallis tore the ring down with their brutal style. Marshall got the win over the man formerly known as Azazal. Also on that night Midnight Dynamite teamed with Ron Kilbourn to face T-N-T and the legendary Mando Guerrero! While this match ended in a DQ, fans and officials are excited about the announcement that Mando will be taking on Johnny Paradise in a strap match on Feb 9th when EWF returns to the Knights of Columbus Hall!

Last but not least, the main event of the evening saw the Iron Express (EWF Champion Joey Harder & Hook Bomberry) retain their EWF Tag Team Titles over the Young Bucks (“Slick” Nick Jackson & Matt “M.I.R.” Jackson) despite a great deal of infighting between the champions. This has led to a EWF Championship match like no other on February 9th as the tag team champions will face each other! Hook Bomberry vs. EWF Champion Joey Harder! Don’t miss it!

– Rising Phoenix Wrestling – www.risingphoenixwrestling.com
Saturday saw the action move a few hours east as the newest NWA Pro associate Rising Phoenix Wrestling held their first event under NWA sanctioning in Mesa, AZ. Fans that evening saw top caliber action including Tommy Drake defeating Nick Jackson, his brother Matt picking up a win over Sonny Samson and T-N-T (Brandon Nitro & Johnny Dynamite) winning an incredible tag team encounter over Team POS (Payed Daily & Mike James).

Additionally, NWA British Commonwealth Champion Paul Tracey made his return to from Ireland a successful one as he beat Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson & Bobby Jo Marshall in a 3-way match. Black Metal made his RPW debut by taking on and taking out local favorite “Hawaiian Lion” John Williams. Williams was counted out after severely dislocating his elbow, but that didn’t stop the attack as the locker room emptied out to protect Williams from further damage. And in the main event, RPW Champion “XXX” Lawrence Tyler battled all over the building with top contender Jack Durango. Once they finally got back in the ring and the dust was settled, Tyler’s hand was raised in victory as her retained his title.

If this first collaboration between NWA Pro and Rising Phoenix Wrestling is any indication, 2007 will continue to be a hot year under the Arizona sun! The return date is set for March 3rd, more information as it becomes available!

– Alternative Wrestling Show – www.alternativewrestlingshow.com
The weekend ended just north of where it began as NWA Pro Wrestling action returned to the New Alternative Wrestling Shop in City of Industry, CA. The road to the huge AWS 5 Year Anniversary Show in March began with the crowning of a new champion as Disco Machine outlasted Human Tornado, Lil’ Cholo and Rockin’ Randy Rocket to become the new LA Light Heavyweight Champion. Tornado, who was taken out of the match by an interfering Bobby Jo Marshall came out afterwards to challenge the angry Australian to finally settle their score. Since Marshall went back to Australia last summer before the two could meet one-on-one, and since the unpredictable Aussie is always one international incident away from deportation, Tornado insisted on making the fight no-DQ and making it happen that night. The battle went all over the parking lot, but once Tornado was able to lock on and hit his trademark DatNinjaDead suplex, it was all over and Human Tornado finally got his revenge.

In other action, Tag Champs Bo Cooper & Sexy Chino retained in strange fashion as Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson & Joey Ryan were DQ’d when Anderson punched referee out of sheer frustration. NWA British Commonwealth Champion Paul Tracey and Steve Pain went toe-for-toe in a highly competitive match that saw the Irishman retain his title. The Young Bucks got a huge victory over the makeshift team of (subbing for an injured Zokre).

One of the more interesting happenings took place between Al Katrazz, his manager C. Edward Vander Pyle and upstart youngster Markus Riot. Before Riot’s match with Jerome “LTP” Robinson, Vander Pyle came out to berate Riot for losing every match that Vander Pyle had helped him get. After Riot won the match that Vander Pyle claimed was his last chance to impress him, Riot was hopeful to join Team VP. But it was not to happen as Al Katrazz gave Riot a devastating chokeslam. Then as Al Katrazz was in trouble in his contest with Tommy Wilson later on, an interfering Riot’s missile dropkick took out Wilson allowing the big man from the big house to get the pin. Still this was not enough to impress Vander Pyle who instructed Al Katrazz to again destroy Riot and then feed him to an unhappy Wilson. Wilson proceeded to superkick Markus’s head into the third row.

The next AWS event is scheduled for February 18th. More on this show will be announced shortly, but the big news coming from AWS Kingpin Bart Kapitzke is that the feature match of the 5 Year Anniversary Show in March will be a 2-Ring, 60 Man WORLD WAR 3 BATTLE ROYAL!

And that was the huge weekend that ended a great first month of the year for NWA Pro Wrestling. New episodes of NWA Pro Wrestling Showcase begin tonight on MAV TV and at www.mavtv.com plus several NWA Pro regulars can be seen on the exciting new Wrestling Society X show debuting this week on MTV. Don’t forget to check out the new homepage for the National Wrestling Alliance at www.nwawrestling.com as well as our MySpace page www.myspace.com/nwapro

Finally, here is a look at our upcoming schedule. Hope to see you there!

Finally, here is a look at our upcoming schedule. Hope to see you there!

• Fri Feb 9 – NWA Pro: Empire Wrestling Federation – Covina, CA
• Sat Feb 10 – NWA Pro: EPW-Adelaide – Clovely Park, S.A.
• Thu Feb 15 – NWA Pro: High Risk Wrestling – Victorville, CA
• Sun Feb 18 – NWA Pro: Alternative Wrestling Show – City of Industry, CA
• Thu Feb 22 – NWA Pro: Empire Wrestling Federation – Phoenix, AZ
• Sat Feb 24 – NWA Pro: EPW-Perth – Maylands, W.A.
• Sun Feb 25 – NWA Pro Wrestling Summit/Fiesta Lucha – Las Vegas, NV
• Sat Mar 3 – NWA Pro East – Lodi, NJ
• Sat Mar 3 – NWA Pro: Rising Phoenix Wrestling – Mesa, AZ
• Sun Mar 4 – NWA Pro: Empire Wrestling Federation – Covina, CA