BREAKING NEWS: Al Katrazz stripped of Title; Title merged

Due to the recent actions perpetrated by C. Edward Vander Pyle and Al Katrazz in his last few AWS Heavyweight Title defenses, culminating with yesterday’s gross display, AWS Kingpin Bart Kapitzke has conferred with the NWA Board of Directors and together they have decided that Al Katrazz is officially stripped of the AWS Heavyweight Title effective immediately, and the title is offically held up.
After being disqualified in his match yesterday against the Human Tornado for battering Tornado in the face with his shillelagh, Katrazz went wild, attacking two referees, and then unbelievably destroying Bart Kapitzke with a wicked chairshot as Bart himself attempted to stop the carnage from continuing. Assorted NWA Pro and AWS personnel swarmed to the ring to attend to Bart, who suffered a broken tooth and concussion as a result of the attack.

In addition, we are happy to announce that the AWS Heavyweight Title will now be recognized as the NWA Heritage Title, connecting the stature of the AWS Title and its lineage to the oldest governing body in professional wrestling. This decision was made weeks prior to yesterday’s egregious acts by Katrazz and Vander Pyle, and the process was simply exacerbated by the events. Bart Kapitzke said, “We wanted to move forward with this title merger to elevate our champion’s status in the wrestling world, but struggled with when to do it. After everything that happened yesterday the timing seemed perfect considering our decision to strip Katrazz of the title. I personally look forward to turning over a new page and solidifying the AWS commitment to making the NWA a major player again.”

As a result of these decisions, we are happy to announce that a four man tournament to crown the inaugural NWA Heritage Champion will take place at the next NWA Pro/AWS event, Halloween Slaughterhouse 3, on October 21st at the Frank and Son’s Arena. The four competitors for the title will be announced soon as we move closer to the event.

This news in addition to the return of Mil Mascaras to the Frank and Son’s arena, as well as the huge grudge Cage Match between Lil’ Cholo and AWS L.A. Lightweight Champion, Lionheart is sure to make this the ‘must see’ NWA Pro/AWS card of the year. More card information as it comes!

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