Upcoming events for the week (September 8th – September 14th)

This week WPW will be running two shows, a special show in Escondido, and it’s normal weekly show at the Anaheim Indoor Marketplace. For more info on both shows click below.WPW will be running September 10th in Escondido at 5:00 PM.

Main Event
Electro Shock & Lady Apache vs. Pentagon Black & Xochitl Hamada

Super Kendo, Rosa Salvaje & Mini Coco Azul vs. Tornado
Negro, El Genio, & El Cholo

Silver Tiger & Junior vs. Lil’Cholo & Infernal

Kid Omega & Sexy Chinovs. Chippy Sanchez & R2k

Matt Twisted & Socal Crazy vs. Colorado Kid & Shin
Pel Ro

The show will be held at 427 N. Beech st. # 101-1 in Escondido, CA.

WPW will be running it’s weekly show at the Anaheim Marketplace on September
11th. The card is as follows:

Couple vs. Couple
Electroshock & Lady Apache vs. Pentagon & Xochitl Hamada

Silver Tyger, Lil’ Cholo, Kid Omega, & Junior vs. Hiromi,
Horiguchi, Passion Hasegawa, Infernal, and Chippy Sanchez

Plus Lionheart, Sexy Chino, The Kidd, Hurricane Havannah, Candace La rae,
Carla Jade, Superstar Jim Beam, Meteorik, Sombra Infernal, Bobby Rios and

The Anaheim Marketplace is located at 1440 S. Anaheim Blvd. in Anaheim, CA.

For the complete list of upcoming events in SoCal head over to The SoCal Events Page.

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