PWG Presents “Uncanny X-Mas” On December 18!

By Silverback, PWG Staff Writer

Curry Village, California – At Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s ( last event, “Free Admission!! (Just Kidding),” fans witnessed what can be best described as an earthquake hitting the PWG landscape, with the impressive debuts of El Generico, Jack Evans, and Kevin Steen, the Aerial Express missing in action, the Havana Pitbulls flat out demanding a shot at the PWG Tag Team Titles, the unmasking of Los Rojo Locos, and Super Dragon walking away with the PWG Championship. While PWG Commissioner Paul T. is as liberal as just about anyone, even he doesn’t like to see things in such disarray, which is why he’s putting his wetsuit clad foot down at December’s “Uncanny X-Mas!” And no, Paul T. is not putting his foot down on the wet sand of the Pacific beaches, where mud and muck can squish through his toes, and sand gets in his shoes, and as a result of that, into his car and home, even as far as his bed! No, dear wrestling fan, Paul T. is putting his foot down on the concrete of Hollywood, where all of PWG will feel the reverberations!The first victims of Paul T.’s commissionatorial wrath some months ago, The Ballard Brothers (aka Los Rojo Locos,) will have their fate in PWG decided at “Uncanny X-Mas,” and this time, it’s not even up to them! Since the Ballards are officially banned from PWG, their reinstatement is up to Top Gun Talwar and Human Tornado! If Tornado wins, the Ballards are allowed back in PWG. If Top Gun wins, the Ballard Brothers remain banned! The Havana Pitbulls, who earlier this year beat (the Paul T. managed) Tokyo GURENTAI, will receive their title shot at “Uncanny X-Mas,” but with one small stipulation; If the Pitbulls lose, they must clean and wax Paul T’s surfboards every day for no less than 30 days, regardless if the board is used or not. While no one can be sure if Paul T. is holding a grudge for his earlier loss at the hands of the Pitbulls, or potentially punishing them for their outspoken nature, fans can be sure that this will be Chris Bosh & Scott Lost’s toughest test in their short reign as PWG Tag Team Champions. While on the subject of tag teams, the Aerial Express may have thought they dodged a bullet by ducking El Generico & Kevin Steen, but they haven’t dodged it for long, since at “Uncanny X-Mas,” the original match will take place, with Quicksilver & Scorpio Sky taking on Generico & Steen. But not so fast, faithful fan! If the AXP lose the “International Friendship Match,” Quicksilver and Scorpio Sky will not be allowed to team together in PWG for no less than 6 months! Hokey smokes!

With so much on his plate, Commissioner Paul T. could easily forget about the rest of the PWG roster, but that is not the case! Super Dragon will face his first challenge as PWG Champion, when he takes on the returning “Wonder Kid” Jonny Storm! Also returning to PWG will be “Classic” Colt Cabana, as he teams up with B-Boy to take on the S.B.S. duo of Disco Machine & Excalibur! Frankie Kazarian tries to rebound from his title loss as he faces Puma, who is on a 5 match winning streak in PWG! Plus, in a No Time Limit Match, “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson battles Samoa Joe for number one contendership of the PWG Championship!

“Uncanny X-Mas” takes place on December 18, 2004 at the Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC, and will feature:

PWG Championship Match
Super Dragon (c) vs. Jonny Storm

PWG Tag Team Championship Match
“Photogenic” Chris Bosh & Scott Lost (c) vs. Havana Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero)

No Time Limit – Number 1 Contenders Match
“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe

Aerial Express (Quicksilver & Scorpio Sky) vs. El Generico & Kevin Steen

Frankie Kazarian vs. Puma

B-Boy & Colt Cabana vs. S.B.S. (Disco Machine & Excalibur)

Ballard Brothers Reinstatement Match
Top Gun Talwar (with Supa Badd) vs. Human Tornado

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s “Uncanny X-Mas” takes place the Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC on Saturday, December 18, 2004 at 7:00PM. The Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC is located at 1110 Bates Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029. Tickets are only $15 each, and will be available at the door. For more information, please visit or email


On top of all the amazing information about PWG’s next live event, fans will also be able to purchase “The Next Show” and “Use Your Illusion 3” on DVD from within the next two weeks. Plus the entire library of old PWG events will soon be available for purchase (and fans will still be able to use the Back to School sale!) Also at, fans can wrap themselves in the brand new Super Dragon t-shirt, also for only $15 each. And those who enjoy the work of PWG’s new champion should keep an eye out for Super Dragon Evolution 4, which will be 4 discs and include matches from across the globe, maybe even the Democratic Republic of Congo! Or maybe not.

And lastly, for those fans who like to plan things well in advance, PWG will be at the Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC all throughout 2005, including: January 22, February 12, March 12, and back to back shows on April 1 & 2!

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