Upcoming events for the week (Oct. 9th – Oct. 15th)

Revolution Pro will be running “Pride of the Mask III” on Saturday, and will be debuting Revolution X on Tuesday. For more info on both shows click below.Revolution Pro will be running “Pride of the Mask III” on
October 11th at 2:00 PM at Frank and Sons.

Pride of the Mask
Elimination Match
TARO, Quick Silver, & Phoenix Star vs. Super Dragon, Zokre, & Rising

Revolution Pro Junior Heavyweight Title Match
Scorpio Sky (c) vs. Disco Machine

Mexican Lucha Libre Heavyweight Title Match
Shamu (c) vs. Acero Dorado

Mr. Excitement vs. Chris Bosh

Los Sanchos (AWC, Angel, & Black Metal) vs. VEGA, Nikki,
& Rosa Salvaje

FMLL Action
Rudy Venegas & Aluciante vs. Sombra Infernal & Spider Black

Rudos Dojo Action
Big E. Biggz & El Gallinero IV vs. Extreme Loco & Hydro

El Mongol vs. Stryker

The Frank & Son Collectible Show is located at 19649 San Jose Ave. in
City of Industry, CA.

Revolution Pro will be debuting it’s new promotion, Revolution X on Tuesday,
October 14th at 7:30 PM.

Main Event – Legacy of the Revolution
Super Dragon & Mr. Excitment vs. TARO & Disco Machine

Rev Pro Jr Heavywieght Title Match
Scorpio Sky (c) vs. Joey Ryan

Hardcore Rulz
Supreme vs Lone Star

Babi Slymm vs. Kaos

Rising Son vs. Chris Bosh

Womens Match
Nikki vs. Fire

Lucha Libre “KABOOM”
AWC, Angel, Zokre, & Black Metal vs. Phoenix Star, Quicksilver, Vega,
& Spider Black

Rudos Dojo
Hydro, Johnny Paradise & Extreme Loco vs. Biggie Biggz, Nemesis, &

Plus more to be announced.

The show will be held at the Allen Theatre, which is located at 3809 Tweedy
Blvd. in South Gate, CA.

For the complete list of upcoming events in SoCal head over to The SoCal Events Page.

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