XPW debuts on pay-per-view August 7th

XPW will be airing it’s first pay-per-view, titled Best of XPW: Xtreme Pro-Wrestling Vol. 1 beginning August 7th at 8:00 PM.

As an added bonus XPW will be giving away two free DVDs to everyone who orders the pay-per-view.

For the pay-per-view’s schedule on In Demand, and more info on the DVD offer click below.All times listed are Eastern

time channel

Aug 7 8:00PM iN1

Aug 8 12:00AM iN1

11:00PM iN1

Aug 9 3:00AM iN1
6:30PM iN2

Aug 10 2:00AM iN1

Aug 11 2:30AM iN2

Aug 14 1:00AM iN2
11:00PM iN2

Sep 1 9:00PM iN1

Sep 2 1:00PM iN1

Sep 3 2:00AM iN1
6:00AM iN1

Sep 5 10:00AM iN1
10:30PM iN1

Sep 9 6:00PM iN1

Sep 10 1:00PM iN1

Sep 11 4:00PM iN1

Sep 12 1:00PM iN1

8:00PM iN1

Sep 13 12:00AM iN1

6:00AM iN1

Sep 14 4:00AM iN1
10:00AM iN1
11:30PM iN1

Sep 15 2:30AM iN1

Sep 17 3:00AM iN1
6:00AM iN1

Sep 22 2:00AM iN1
5:00AM iN1

Sep 24 4:00AM iN1

Sep 26 5:00AM iN1

Free DVD Offer
Mail a copy of your cable or satellite bill to the address below and specify whether you would like to receive two videos or two DVDs. All receipts must be received by December 31st, 2003.

16032 Sherman Way #6
Van Nuys, CA 91406

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