Upcoming events for the week (July 10th – July 16th)

This week we have WCA and UPW’s “Title Wave” at the Grove on Friday, and FMLL running on Sunday in Compton. For more info on all three shows click below.WCA’s next show will be July 11th at Salon el Rey in Compton
at 7:30 PM.

Main Event
Piloto Suicida, Misterio, & Amenaza Blanca vs. Maldad, Chilango, &
Rosa Salvaje

Los Chivos (Kayam & Enigma de Oro) vs. Super Boy &
Captain Oro

Acero Dorado, Jr., Impacto 2000, & Shamu, Jr. vs. Zokre,
Alucinante, & Meteorik

Vago, Steve Pain, & Sombra Infernal vs. Trueno, R2K, &
Jaguar de Oro

Gallinero 4 & Phoenix Star vs. Nemesis & Psycho

Salon el Rey is located at 15006 S. Atlantic Blvd. in Compton, CA.

UPW will be returning to the Grove in Anaheim on July 11th at 8:00 PM.

Main Event
Finals of the UPW Heavyweight Title Tournament

UPW Tag Team Championship
Hardkore Inc (Hardkore Kidd & Al Katrazz) (c)
Ballard Bros. (Shannon & Shane Ballard)
The Thrillaz (B-Boy & Funky Billy Kim)

UPW Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi-Finals
Adam Pearce vs. Skulu

UPW Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi-Finals
Keji Sakoda vs. Big Chris Mordetsky

UPW Womens Championship
UPW versus PWI
Erica Porter (c) vs. Sara Del Ray

UPW versus Ring of Honor
Frankie Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe

EWF Heavyweight Championship
EWF versus UPW
Steve Masters (c) vs. Sabbath

Eight Man Steel Cage Match
The Outlaws (Mike Knox, Marshall Knox, Derrick Neikirk, & Hollywood)
The Native Nation (The Navajo Warrior, Ghostwalker, Ma’koa the Hawaiian Warrior,
& Solo Snuka)

Mikey Henderson vs. Lil’ Nate

Plus more

Including Poorman and his Bikini Brigade and the UPW Vixens.

The Grove is located at 2200 East Katella Ave. in Anaheim, CA.

Tickets are on sale now at ticketmaster.com.

FMLL will be running July 13th at Salon el Rey in Compton at 6:00 PM.

Main Event
Blue Demon, Mil Mascaras, & La Parka vs. Rey Misterio Sr, El Cobarde,
& Acero Dorado

Huracan Ramierez, Principe Unltd., & Piloto Suicida vs.
Lucifer, Hijo del Cobarde, & Apollo de Oro

Rosa Salvaje & Elvio Reyes vs. Original Gangster&
Gringo Loco

Rayo de Plata & Aguila Azteca vs. Forastero & Trueno

Los Gallineros vs. Angel & American Wild Child

Palomino & Jaguar vs. Lobo & Blue Shadow

Salon el Rey is at 15006 S. Atlantic Blvd. in Compton, CA.

FMLL infoline (626) 484-9435.

For the complete list of upcoming events in SoCal head over to The SoCal Events Page.

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