What in the hell is going on?

What happened to the SCU you all know and love? Well, obviously there have been some changes. Click that link below to read more.After two and a half years I figured it was time for an update. So, here it is.

Now not everything is updated yet, as it’s still a work in progress. We will be moving over a lot of the content from the original SCU, but because there is so much it’s going to take a long time. However, the old site is still viewable by clicking the SCU Archive link at the left under SoCal History. You should be able to get to everything through there. The first thing we will be transfering over to the new version of SCU will be all the interviews. After that, who knows.

Upcoming events have their own printer friendly page now. Just go to http://www.socaluncensored.com/events.htm This will allow us to put more events that are further out up on the website. Results are still in the same location.

If you have any questions, or find any bugs please email steve@socaluncensored.com or post it in our Feedback forum on the message board.

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