GSCW “Proving Grounds” March 29th 2003

Great to finally have GSCW back, wasn’t the last show like Feb 1st? Basically a two month wait for SoCal’s hottest promotion to come back, and it was worth the wait. I’ve been to the last three shows, and they’ve all been really well booked with some great/memorable matches. I got to the show about 10 minutes before it started, I was more then pleased to get a seat. I think anyone who showed up before it started, got a seat, I noticed there were people standing up towards the very end. Anyway…on to the show

Silver Tyger over Infernal
At the last show these two men fought on opposite sides of the opening six man tag, which was good as well. I didn’t expect more from this match from your typical opener, and a few great spots…but I was wrong here to say the least. These two went all out for the entire match. Silver Tiger dives straight out through the ropes on Infernal, landing in the second row…and he did it so quicklyI thought It was just going to be a tease. The crowd was hot for this match, and rightfully so. Tiger won.

GQ, Kaos, and Veronica came out to talk about Kaos and what he’s gonna do now…etc. GQ looks really weird without his makeup on, and only his voice makes it known its him (that and the “GQ” on the side of his pants). Messiah came out to a huge pop and cleared the ring and cut a promo. He talked about how he just wants to get his hands on Kaos because he feels he was somehow involved in the real life beating on him last summer. Great, so they’re building up a Kaos/Messiah feud based on real life incidents. I find it odd that the two biggest names in the building didn’t wrestle. If they wanted to build it up…at least have one of them wrestle and have the other interfere or come after the match. For what its worth, Gary Yap and Messiah were talking outside…and looks like they were on more then good terms

Joey Ryan vs Super Dragon
Joey came out and complained how he was advertised against Tony Kozina and then Nikki, and now he has no opponent and he wants one…then Super D came out.
This show featured a lot of matches that were the best match I’ve ever seen a particular wrestler in. In the opener it applied to both, and in this match it definitely applied to Joey. The crows was burning hot for this one. It was almost like the Rock/Hogan of Socal Wrestling, as the chants from Super Dragon went to Joey out of nowhere. It’s always a pleasure to see Super Dragon in action twice in a night, and this time he had the top two matches. Joey and Super Dragon fought brutally, Joey’s chest was so red. Joey worked on the arm throughout the match, and it looked like Dragon would tap out eventually. Dragon won with the Supernatural driver, because he couldn’t utilize his arm properly for the Psycho. Great match!

Bo Cooper then interfered on Joey, and Al Katrazz cleared Bo Cooper out of the ring after a short brawl. Looks like Bo vs Al next month.

Shawn Riddick vs Scorpio Sky
This match had a decent angle behind it, in that it was the 2002 rookie of the year and runner up. The match was probably one of the worst on the show….which speaks numbers on how good the show was. It was nothing special like the other two, but yet nothing bad. Shawn Riddick got the win eventually…it wanst a long match either.
GSCW Heavyweight title match
Frankie Kazarian vs Harkore Kidd (champ)
Both men got mic time, and to me throughout the night Frankie was the only one good on it. Best HKK match…ever, or at least from what I’ve seen. HKK has been in so many bad matches throughout MPW, Rev Pro, and GSCW that I usually hate it that he gets booked so often and gets mic time. This match was pretty good, and I’m guessing it was all cause of Frankie. Frankie’s finisher was teased a bit, and all in all they hit all the big moves really well. Jefe got involved in the match, and even that was good…believe me. HKK got the pin and retained the title

Intermission- fans went in the ring and danced…it got old quickly

Melissa vs Mr Excitement
A lot of people have said this was one of Mr Excitements better matches of lately, but to me it was just the same. I think the only reason this match is getting more praise is cause this crowd was red hot, and made every match decent-great. This match was indeed decent. Nothing compared to the women’s tag last month with Disco, with those viscous slaps. I think Mr Excitements match with Frankie a while back was better then this. Of all matches to go the time limit, I don’t know why it was this one…ended out a draw.

Excalibur vs James Choi
To me this was better then expected, especially with Excalibur’s let down of a return match against Jardi last month. Excalibur had some great offensive strikes, and like every match previously the crowd was good. The ending was really good from what I remember

Super Dragon/B-Boy vs Jardi Frantz/Bobby Quance
Well I haven’t seen their EPIC tag match since…well that last EPIC show. From what I remember that match was better, but I could be wrong. The crowd was incredible for this match, and towards the end the people in the front row were banging on the ring. Best match of the night, some incredible sequences…especially the ending. This was match of the night in my opinion, I think it culminated a great show, who knows if it would have been better as the main. The SSP/450 combo was really out of this world. To me this match has been the best match Ive seen all year long at a show. They shook hands at the end, and it was a great way to culminate the SoCal/NorCal feud which is apparently over now.

Scott Lost vs Lil’ Cholo in a ladder match to for the GSCW Lightweight title.
I’ll be honest, I had to leave halfway through this match. From what I saw, it was very damn good, I didn’t expect a ladder match would flow well at all. I stayed long enough to see Joey Ryan lure Cholo away from the ring while Lost set up the ladder to climb it…it was hilarious. From what I have read it was a real crowd pleaser, and definitely not a mistake to be the main event.

Post Event
Probably the best SoCal event in quite some time…best of the year so far. I find it funny that after all the main was Cholo vs Lost with all the other names in the house. GSCW is so good right now, and they don’t even need to fly in anyone really. I know I’m looking forward for the next show to see how they can top this. I must say, this Legion Hall in Newhall is pretty good, or maybe its just the timing of the show. The place gives everyone a good view from everywhere, it gets extremely loud, and it doesn’t smell bad. Until next time.