WPW Review – November 16th, 2002

At UPW, I got a flyer from WPW saying that they would have Ultimo Dragon on their show a day before EPIC. Personally, I had to be at both WPW and EPIC. Any chance to see Ultimo live had to be taken. I know some didn’t want to spend the money for both, as it was $20 for WPW and $20 plus for EPIC, but the money was no problem for me, so I had to be there. So after a little stop at the Alternative Wrestling Shop to get an autograph and shirt from Ultimo, away I go. Oh, and as far as the Marketplace goes, in my opinion, if it’s WPW, the Marketplace is a great venue. If it’s random promotion #42584.5, then it just seems like a different place with a bad feel for the wrestling. But WPW I have no problem with as far as the Marketplace is concerned.

Sexy Chino & Kid Omega over Catastrophe & “Bad Habit” Jack Danielz
-SEXY CHINO IS GOD! I had heard that this guy was amazingly entertaining and god damn was that true. He may not be the best wrestler out there, but damn entertaining. The match was “ok” but what saved it was Chino, as he had the crowd in the heel of his dancing feet. I want a Sexy Chino hat, you know the one with the little bunny! So Rookie of the Year = Sexy Chino! If you haven’t seen him, SEE HIM!

Ghetto Matt over Street Style and Funky Billy Kim
-Three of the most underrated workers in SoCal. Not the best match ever, but it worked and was a good 2nd match on a star-studded show. Plus, we all know it’s really hard to pull off a 3-way dance successfully.

Joey Ryan & Damage Inc (Matrix & Preston Scott) over R2K, Supa Badd & Sean Riddick
-All six of these guys are entertaining to watch, from Ryan’s cocky attitude to Damage Inc. who are good rudos. Plus R2K, who is fun to watch and Supa Badd who is another really underrated worker in SoCal, who is getting better every time I see him. He’s really close to doing a drop kick and landing on his feet. Plus, Shawn Riddick, who is in my opinion, the rising star right now in SoCal. Riddick really shined here, as he actually has done lately, but that might just be because no one is expecting the talent he is showing right now. Damage Inc. wins by being jerks! Double team moves. What cheaters. They are just jealous of Supa Badd’s physique!

Los Chivos (Kayam & Enigma de Oro) over Laberinto & Huracan Ramirez
-CHIVO POWER! I think this was the first time Los Chivos were actually Technicos. That piece of impersonating crap, who bought his gimmick because thats the only way any fan would cheer for that slow, out of shape, hairy, Huracan Ramirez De Los Angeles (can you tell I hate him?) So I think he was actually pissed that no one was cheering for him. He went to the back pretty quick as LOS CHIVOS! celebrated with their mountains of fans. “I’ll break them in HALF!”

B-Boy, Second Doi, Silver Tiger, & Lil’ Cholo over Condotti Shuji, Impacto, Shamu Jr., & Infernal
-A star-studded match. A match that had the spots you wanted to see. But it wasn’t an amazing match. Some things just didn’t work. But, entertaining nonetheless. Second Doi doing his “sliding” spot was funny. He faked a dive by sliding in the ring, then getting up and dusting him self off, as the ref called him “safe”! It was great to see the T2P guys live. Shuji and B-Boy had a good little spot. During the brawling, B-Boy got tossed into the stairs, I think and got busted open pretty bad. Plus, Silver Tiger’s mask got ripped right down the middle at the top. So by the end of the match, his hair was sticking though like a mane. I dug it! He should get the new mask done like that, with a mane! Cholo by Reverse Rana on Infernal.

Ultimo Dragon, Chilango, Durango Kidd, & Zarco over NOSAWA, Masada, Misterioso, & Poison
WOW! Stars galore, and even more of a star-studded match. Everyone in this match is considered a huge superstar, except Zarco who is pretty damn good anyway. I’ve seen Lucha Stars matches in TJ and LA, and this was a really good one. Alot of times you walk away a little disapointed, but not here. Ultimo Dragon wasn’t in the match a lot, but enough to send me and everyone else home happy. Chilango and Durango looked amazing as always, as NOSAWA and Masada did a lot of double-teaming, and since Junior the Ref sucks really bad, he allowed the cheating. Ultimo hit his kicks and really speedy moves and ended up slapping on the Dragon Sleeper on NOSAWA, who acted like he died from lack of oxygen.

I liked this show, but I personally like little shows where you can have fun and just let your self go. WCWA has that, AWS has that, PCW has that, ACW had that, so does WPW. Some people like big shows with a lot of people and big venues and big production, but not me. So I got to see Ultimo. I’m happy.

Mac Machine,