XPW TV Recap – September 8th, 2001

» XPW TV starts off this week with the newly returning musical video montage featuring the latest happenings within XPW.

» Kloss and Rivera recap last week’s XPW TV, which included ‘White Trash’ Johnny Webb complaining that he had to tap out to Konnan so quickly at Damage INC. This week on XPW TV, Webb’s XPW career will be highlighted all the way from the first XPW show in Reseda. This leads into the betrayal of Supreme on behalf of Kaos. Now that he’s with The Enterprise, he has the title, he has the women, and has the money! Nobody had known since Rapture that Kaos was part of The Enterprise.

» [First Round of the TV Title Tourny]: The Enterprise vs. Kaos
The Enterprise talk about Kaos thinking that Supreme will be at his side for this match, but he’s totally wrong! They’ve already taken care of him at Rapture. T.J. Rush is the first one in against Kaos. After Kaos gainst the advantage, he gets thrown out of the ring because Rush can’t handle himself alone. After Kaos gets in the ring he quickly takes care of Rush and gets the 1… 2… 3… ! Next up is G.Q. Money! Money takes advantage early on, but misses a top rope dive onto the outside. Kaos finishes him off with a running drop kick into a chair and a variation of a mid-air stunner! After a bit of stalling, Rizzono finally gets into the ring. The two talk trash to each other’s faces, then Kaos bitch slaps Rizzono!

The two go at it back and forth with a variation of techinical moves. Rizzono takes Kaos to the top rope, and hits a back body drop! He then tosses him out of the ring where The Enterprise take advantage. Rizzono takes Kaos to the top rope again, this time nailing a vertical suplex! AHHHHHH here comes TJ Rush with a barrell of who knows what. They set it up in the corner in between the ropes, but Rizzono is the one who takes the punishment! Kaos then gets the win with a quick rollup! He leaves the ring with motion towards his waist, exactly where his TV Title will be at the end of the night!
Winner: Kaos [Advances to the next round]

» Even after this match no one backstage had any idea that Kaos would later in the night join The Enterprise.

» Now we go to The Enterprise’s office, where G.Q. Money calls Kloss and Rivera morons for thinking that The Enterprise wasn’t in control. Veronica Caine says she always gets what she wants, and she has this time. Kaos starts to talk about Supreme and calls him a disgrace to his family. The way The Enterprise succeeded was using their brains. Now we get to see clips of The Enterprise setting up all the promo’s where they attack Kaos, which were all rigged. G.Q. Money says that they never even touched Kaos’ arm, he even dropped the flash paper for God’s sake. Kaos says that he kept dropping clues to Supreme about his ‘broken hand’ not being injured, he even came to his house without his ‘cast’! We even get to see Kaos giving GQ the key to Supreme’s house. And to add even more insult to injury, Kaos was the cameraman who shot all their promos! There’s no stopping The Enterprise now, not even family.

» Kevin walks into Rob Black’s office, where Metallica is blasting on the stereo! Kevin complains it is too loud, so he asks Angel for the remote. He pulls it out of his ass and turns it off! What a freak! Kevin says that the whole Damien Steele coming back to life thing is a little weird. Black says he doesn’t find it weird and it doesn’t bother him, he’s on their side to protect them. Rob gets pissed off that Kevin’s not with the times either, and tells Angel to go get him some new clothes. Angel now has a job, not a bl*w job! Rob Black gets pissed off that Kevin and Angel were thinking the same thing so he sends them both out!

» Kloss says that The Enterprise makes him sick, they don’t even care about the wrestlers, or even their flesh and blood! Rivera says they’re a bit too devious for his liking also. Another major happening at Damage INC was the debut of Leroy, “RCG”, ring crew guy. Also at the show we saw the debut of Konnan and the new D.

» [First Round of the TV Title Tourny]: Kronus vs. D
When Ron Head announces D as Mr. 80’s, he says from now he’s D! Kronus gains advantage early on with a huge clothesline and a monsterous suplex. Kronus takes it to the outside, but D takes the advantage. D even throws Kronus through part of the XPW set! While D tries to go back the ring, Kronus throws D into the same part of the set, then the other! The two fight for a bit on the outside, with the end result of Kronus bleeding. D reverses Kronus’ attempt to finish him off into an arm-bar that almost rips off his arm!
Winner: D

» Kloss says he likes the new none-80’s D, but Rivera says he has crossed the boss. Black told him he needed to come out with an old 1980’s gimmick, but he didn’t, he disobeyed. » We see Angel, Kevin, and Rob Black in his office, and then all of a sudden his two male turtles start mating! And Angel is watching them doing it! D walks in and Black begins to yell at him. He needed to show up as The Bizerker or something, not himself. He’s the boss, you need to listen to what he f’n says. D says he’s in the same position he was 2 years ago, no more making fun. He needs to get somewhere in XPW, and this is the way. Rob Black says he doesn’t know D, but he knows Mr. 80’s. Since D is the new guy, he’s going to have to open the show, do whatever a new guy does when he comes in. D says he’s going to eliminate every Black Army memeber he puts in his way, even Black himself. He’ll make them all tap.

» We see Angel dusting, with Kevin and Rob trying to discuss top secret stuff. Angel bends over, and his ass is hanging out! Rob Black says he’s seen his ass this week, and last week. Angel starts to yell that Kevin tried to rim him, so Black tells Kevin to wash his face.

» Next week on XPW TV the next live event will be announced. If you want the latest in XPW news and merchandise, visit XPWrestling.com.

» Xtreme Flashback of ‘White Trash’ Johnny Webb’s XPW career, from the beginning. We start off with Webb fixing his car, discussing his future. He says he wants to go to something called the XPW, and someday become a champion.

» We see Webb in Rob Black’s office discussing his future as the XPW World Champion. Webb says he still hasn’t received his champion’s check, what’s up with that? Black says he’s got to do more things, like get a manager from the Black Army. Lizzy takes 40%, 10% less then Veronica Caine. Rob Black takes 30% for the promotors fee. Now the finanicial part takes 20%, then the other 10% goes to the tag on the belt with his name on it. By the end of the day, Webb owes Black $36. This week, he’ll put it on his tab. Webb doesn’t believe that previous champions had to pay to be champion. He says he needs to get a shoe endorsement to make money. One thing is bothering Webb though, why’d he have to tap to Konnan so quickly at Damage INC?