Steve’s View #22

A lot of people have said to me over the last few months “What does Lonnie do for the site? He never writes anything. You do all the work.”

Let’s set the record straight. If there was no Lonnie, there would be no SCU. Lonnie is what brought people to the site. Lonnie was the one running around at XPW shows trying to get a “” sign on TV. Lonnie was the one setting up interviews. Most important, he was “The Voice”. He is what people came to the site for in the early days.

I think Lonnie made the right decision. He will be a wrestler (or worker HA!) soon enough. If he was a wrestler, and working on the site, it could cause all sorts of problems. He would be taking flak from both sides. From fans, and fellow wrestlers.

It is a no win situation for him.

Thanks for the time you put in on SoCal UNCENSORED, Lonnie. SCU wont be the same without you. And as far as I’m concerned, you will always be a part of SCU.

Joining the site will be three people that are pretty well known around SoCal. I know what you are thinking, “Three? But, Steve only two were announced. Who is the third?”. This is like the NWO when Hogan came out and joined!

Joining SoCal UNCENSORED will be Franco Zamorano, Scrub, and… The Reverend Scott Richards.

Franco was the man behind the first XPW fan site, Blood, Beer, & Titties (along with Lonnie Hill) and is the current webmaster for MPW.

Scrub may be best known for his countless message board posts. He goes to as many, if not more shows than pretty much anyone else in SoCal. He is everywhere (he was even going to UIWA at the end).

You may have seen The Reverend Scott Richards ring announcing at many different shows. He is the current ring announcer for MPW. He has also worked for UIWA, UPW, and more. He is also a former editor in charge at

I think all three guys will each add their own unique perspective to SoCal UNCENSORED, and hopefully help the site reach new heights (or in Franco’s case lows).

I will go on record now and say that MPW’s October 6th show will be the SoCal show of the year. The three matches that have been announced are going to be off the charts. TWFKAM (Messiah) & Tech IX vs. Adam Pearce & MPW champion Cincinnati Red, The Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals: Los Cubanitos vs. Lost Boys, and Super Dragon vs. B-Boy. This is honestly the biggest card in SoCal so far this year. And what’s amazing about it is there is no big name outsiders on it.

How do you pronounce TWFKAM anyways?

Mr. X from the Zero-One Burning Heart tournament has turned out to be none other than UPW’s own Horshu. And he “Shu” did get a win in the opening match when his opponent didn’t “Shu” up.

Apparently UPW pushed back the date for the next Galaxy show from the 19th of Sept. to the 25th. There has been announcement from UPW, but that is what the Galaxy and Ticketmaster are saying.

I’m pretty happy with how the Hall of Fame went. While there are a lot of guys who a case can be made for them to be in, I think we have a nice mix of different eras, and we put together a Hall of Fame that will actually be an honor to make it into. Now that it is established inductions should happen every June or July.

Well, that’s it for now. In a last tribute to Mr. Hill, Buy a shirt, YA JACK?

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