One Last Time

I guess it’s time to follow suit. Just like Adair Cole and Adam Marantz left their spots as journalists in this scene, I think it’s time for one more to throw in the towel, hang up the keyboard, and give one final goodbye to the scene.

My reason for leaving is simple: I was a fan, a mark, and someone who loved watching wrestling when we started this site. While I still am, I feel as though the lines between fan and trainee/worker are starting to blur in my head. I said something that blurred the lines, and that made me realize that I need to get out. If I’m slowly becoming less of a fan, then I shouldn’t be working here.

I’ve had fun over the past couple of years. During that time, I’ve come into contact with many people, both friends and enemies, who I’m never gonna forget. This is my final swan song to them. In no particular order, here we go:

BoogieWog/Pac/Franco: we talk a lot of shit to each other, but deep down, we’re the best of friends. As cheesy as it sounds, you’re one of my best friends, and if not for the scene and the posting, that might have never transpired. Much love to the midgets, bro. Good luck with MPW.

SteveSCU/Diablo/Steve: The site was your idea, your concept, your dream, shiit, I don’t care if you think I’ve done more for the site than I could ever know, I know I didn’t put in an eighth of the time, effort and money into this site you did. In under a year, SocalUncensored became number one thanks to you. Thanks for the free porn and the good times. Catch you at Rev Pro.

Lexa Power/Alexie Pryde/Sara Pickering: Although we didn’t become friends until recently, you and I have gotten real tight, and I’m thankful to this scene for bringing such a good friend to me. You’ve helped me through bullshit I didn’t want to live through sometimes, and I owe you more than just Jedi training for such a thing. Much love to ya kid. Here’s to hoping Trish Stratus is a lesbian.

Adair Cole: You’re one funny motherfucker, dude. At the same time, every time I’ve spoken with you, you’ve been a total homie, whether it’s about wrestling, punk rock music, or, god forbid, the Aquabats. I’ve known you since before your first match, and I made sure I was there when you had your first match. There are a lot of people who I hope will be there for mine, and you’re defiantly one of them.

Super Dragon: No, we don’t always agree. In fact, I don’t know anyone I respect, yet totally disagree with, more than you. Still, you’re one of the best talents out here. Keep making our eyes drop.

Kevin Kleinrock: I guess today is a day for you to celebrate. After two years of Lonnie Hill being XPW’s biggest “fan/criticizer/pain in the ass,” out there, I’m finally tapping out. Good luck in the future. No matter what I said, I never said you weren’t busting your balls to put those shows on. See you in October.

Ron Rivera: great promoter, funny guy, and a great story-teller. Not much more than that to say. Good luck with Rev Pro. I’ll be there, I guess I just need to be a silent supported now.

Adam Marantz/Boyish/Whole Reffin’ Show: One of the coolest dudes in Socal. He will be missed as a referee. On a personal level, Adam is the shit. Gotta love the guy. Hit a brotha up about them Cal State LA parties!

The REV/Scott Richards: You know too much, my friend. At the same time, you don’t let what you know get in the way of the fun you have while watching wrestling. You’re 20 times the mark I will ever be, and I envy that.

Kevin Quinn: The man I pay to kick the crap out of me. Thanks for continuing to teach me all the things I thought I knew but didn’t. You’re lessons are invaluable to me, and no amount of money could show how much they mean to me. I’m certainly not paying you enough (hey, don’t raise my fees for that though!).

Samoa Joe: While I don’t train physically with you, you’ve made a huge impact on me mentally. By remembering little things you’ve told me to do, it has made me improve faster than I thought I would. At the same time, you’re a great friend and a true bro. School of Ken sucks, school of Tobita rules! Later.

Aaron Hasson/Super Mario/Newman in ref’s clothing: one of the first people I met in this business. While some people may think otherwise, I think you’re a very genuine person. Stop worrying so much! Thanks for all the help over these last couple of years, as well as being a ref who is willing to take abuse from fans and go with it. “TWOOOOOOO” for life.

B-Boy/Benny/Shooo-tay: Innovative offense, sick ass matches, and you’re still a fuckin’ baller. You’re real straight up, real genuine, and you throw the SHOOOOOTAYYYYYY!!! Mad props bro, see you soon.

Jason McCord: No matter what kinda shit people give you, you’ve always kept it real and true to yourself. Stay that way. “Hayabusa WHO?!?!?!?!!?!?!?” Oh, and no matter what he says, CHRISTOPHER DANIELS WEARS PINK SOCKS TO BED!

Jason Allgood: Soft spoken, yet fun to talk to. While he’s got this shy demeanor, he’s outgoing as hell. My brother in punk rock crime. Next time I’m in SD, show me some of that punk shit goin’ on down there!

Matt Sinister: The man who invaded the SCU chats. Gotta give you props, you certainly know how to roll with punches (we gave you a lot to roll with, too). Keep on wrestling, and good luck.

Excalibur: one cool, monoxide addicted motherfucker. Great wrestler with a burning desire to keep getting better. You’re, in my opinion, the best overall wrestler in Rev Pro, and with a locker room that talented, that says a lot.

Chris Kennedy: Any time I need a movie quote, or just a good laugh, this dude is there to provide. He’s improving as a wrestler too. He is a million times what he was one year ago today. Keep it up, bro.

Cal Manska/Slim Shady: What can you say about this crazy cracker? Cal, you’re the Vanilla Iced out homie. You, me and Pun should hang out real soon.

Jimmy Kennedy/James Klotzke: I haven’t spoken to him in awhile, but he was the first interview on this site, and he shed a lot of light on the indy scene away from SoCal. I thank him for being such a fun interview, and I hope to talk to him soon. Oh yea, Jimmy, you’re tapes are in the mail.

Jason Peters/PrimeTime Peterson: From the very beginning, you’ve been cool with everyone. You do way too many favors for people, but at the same time, we all love you for it. Underrated you are. Talented you are. But more importantly: genuine and cool you are. Can’t wait until you return.

Crayz: The long, XPW debates at Chi Chi’s were fun. Keep doing your thing. I’ll be debating with you again soon.

The Messiah/Billy: “Dude, you’re Mr XPW…err ECW…err, I dunno…who’s Crayz?” Ever since meeting you at RAW in March, we didn’t get much of a chance to talk. While the recent incidents between yourself and XPW are nothing less than tragic, I’m glad to see you out and about working again with so many options availible to you now. With talents like yours, the sky is the limit. Good luck.

Steve/CIMADragon/DeltaEarHole: Been down with Rev Pro since the beginning, just like me. We’ve watched Super Dragon, Rising Son, etc. evolve over the last year and a half. You helped make Rev Pro more than just wrestling. It was our own little community, and over the past year, it seems like many cool people have come and joined the party. Plus, you look like Super Boy. OH MODED!!!!!!

Tom Walters/Russian tuna: Sarcastic, pissed, off, bitter and hateful. I love you, you cynical son of a bitch. Let’s have a shoot fight one day.

Scrub/A Scrub/Scrubbah: One of Rev Pro’s best fans, I’m glad he joined the party. He’s got great posts, and a great mind. Not to mention, he’s a total Arsion perv! YES!

Rising Son: Words can’t describe. Funny ass dude, but yet again, another genuine person who is also a very talented wrestler. Hop in the ride again some time. We can bump “Bitches” and make fun of SCWA some more. Woo woo!

Chip Adams/Rik Rolex/James MacFarlane/Kevin: Solid worker, and a pretty smart dude. I always get a good conversation out of this guy, and if he’s got an opponant worth a shit (he’s always working shitty guys for some reason), the match is solid.

Demento: High quality, 5 dollar tapes. Gotta love this guy. The falling ass tope is the shit dude.

Glen, Will Tha K, and the XPW LIVE crew: XPW shows would not be the same without our crew. Glen, you’re a funny motherfucker, and Will, you will always be WTG! WOO WOO!

Keith/The Voice: The funniest dude to chill with at a wrestling show. This is one of the most street smart guys out there. He is always in the right place at the right time, and he’s crazy enough not to give a shit. You can’t help but mark out for the Voice.

Los Cubanitos/Reyes and JR: One day, I’m gonna kill both you fuckers. Honestly though, you guys are the shit, hands down. At the end of the day, I appriciate what you’re doing for me.

Pinoy Boy/TJ: The stiffest small dude out there. At the same time, a caring person who is gonna be huge in Socal one day. Rookie of the year, and the most promising rookie Socal has seen since Samoa Joe.

Adrian Montes: You crazy, pony-tailed fuck. Always fun to chill with you at wrestling shows. You’ve got a helluva mind for this shit. Good luck with MPW.

Logan X/Paul V.: MPW is the shit dude. You’re creating something great, and at such a young age. Plus, you aren’t afraid to speak your mind. I respect that. Don’t let anyone tell you how to run your operation.

Cincinati Red: The silent, watchful eye. I respect you for being a part of the scene I love for so long. On the same token, you’re an honest dude who has trained some of Socal’s best. Thanks for working your ass off. I know I appriciate it.

Jamie Blaze: I wasn’t gonna forget you. While I don’t agree with you on the UEW or shit like that, you’re an incredibly smart wrestling fan. Good luck with

Leroy: I’ve known your punk ass forever. Congradulations on finally turning pro. You got an RCG mark in me!

PT: Your contributions on our board, and to bringing Japan to America cannot be overlooked. Nosawa and Kikuzawa will become hot commodities in the States thanks to your bridging their communication gap. Hope to see you soon bro.

If I forgot anyone, I offer my deepest apologies now. These last two years have been so much fun for me. Each and every one of you make me thankful to be a part of this scene now, even if I will be a silent part from now on. I give my spot in SocalUncensored in halves. One half goes to Scrub. He is unbiased, backs up his opinions with facts, and is a true fan of this shit. The other spot goes to Franco. He needs a place to talk about his wrestling opinions, shit he hates, and midget porn.

I guess this is it. Mr Hill is dead. And while it saddens me to say it, I think this is the right thing to do. Remember people, keep your shit real, keep your shit tight, and most importantly, keep this shit UNCENSORED!

One last time for everyone:

“Freedom is a state of mind
A mind is a state of being
Stay the fuck out of my mind
And my being”

– Corporate Avenger

For the last time: YA JACK????

-Mr Hill