Excalibur Interview

Recently I caught up with Excalibur and got to ask him some questions about his career. In this interview he talks about happenings in his career such as his matches with Super Dragon, his former tag team partner TARO, his views on XPW, and penis sizes?

Jason McCord: First off, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me.

Excalibur: Not a problem

McCord: I wanted to ask you, you put on a really good show in the “Spirit of the Revolution Tournament”.  How well did you think you did?

Excalibur: Not as well as I would have liked to. The thing I was happiest about was the win over Super Dragon, and soon as I got that, I think the tournament was worth while.

McCord: Do you think that has put you over more on your opponents?

Excalibur: I don’t know, I think that probably helped along with me just being around so much. You know, people recognize me, like anyone else. You see them come back week after week and then it finally clicks with the fans and “Hey, this guy’s here”. Gotta cheer for somebody!

McCord: It seems the fans have taken you more seriously since that win over Super Dragon.

Excalibur: Well, that’s good, that’s kind of what I wanted. For a long time I think I was just stuck being an unknown. I think if the fans did take notice of something, that probably would be it.

McCord: What was you first match?

Excalibur: My first match was myself and Ultra Taro Jr. against Super Dragon and Rising Son in January of 2000.

McCord: One thing I thought was strange was on socal-wrestling.com sometime last year, you were being ranked before you even won a match.

Excalibur: You know, the rankings are a little weird I think because I know cawrestling.com did their rankings based on win/loss records, which I think is a really stupid way of doing it. I think alot of it should be based on in-ring work
and if whoever voted on socalwrestling.com thought I was good enough to be ranked, then that’s great and it’s a tremendous compliment to me.

McCord: What did you think about being ranked number one on socaluncensored.com for the month of June?

Excalibur: I don’t know, I didn’t really agree with it because I know, number one, there are alot of wrestlers in So-Cal. Number two, I know there are alot of guys in our group that had better matches than me in that month, but like I said
before, if that’s how the fans voted then that’s a tremendous compliment to me.

McCord: What seems to be one of your most memorable matches?

Excalibur: Good question, I think any chance I get to wrestle Super Dragon in a singles match, it’s a big thing for me. Three times, we have had singles matches. Each one of those are some of my favorite matches. I think the one at “Brutality” on April 27 for a variety of reasons, not just in-ring wrestling.
It was one of my favorites.

McCord: I think that was the first time he ever used the “Psycho Driver 2001”.

Excalibur: That was interesting, he just brought it out and all I could do was just land, and hope I didn’t die.

McCord: Painful?

Excalibur: Not so much painful, but shocking.  Afterwards, I was like “What the fuck did I just do”? I watched the tape later, and thought “How can I still be walking”?

McCord: I noticed throughout your career, you have tagged up with many people. Who is your favorite tag team partner so far?

Excalibur: It would probably be TARO, not because on in-ring work or wins and losses or anything. Just because I think he has a really good knowledge of how to work a crowd and how to keep a crowd into it. That’s been one of our problems as of late, the crowd has just been kind of dead. When TARO was
in there, he would jaw with the crowd and he would bring them back into it. I think becuase of that reason, he would be my favorite.

McCord: How would you compare TARO with your current tag team partner Yakuza?

Excalibur: I really can’t compare the two, because they are so different.

McCord: They contrast?

Excalibur: Totally, it’s black and white definately.

McCord: There seems to be a contrast between yourself and Yakuza as well.

Excalibur: Well, yes and no. We are close enough to the same style and close enough to the same goals that we are a pretty good pairing. I think the contrast is what keeps it interesting. Same as me and TARO, we had a big contrast. I
was working as the big man in the matches. Now with Yakuza, we have a legitamate big man.

McCord: I notice sometimes even though you are a heel, you get a pretty good reaction. Do you ever see yourself going face?

Excalibur: Probably not, because I cuss too much. I can’t forsee it in the near future. I think with this whole Rev Pro vs. The World thing, this will be as close to a face as I will get. It is still uneasy with me, because I will go out there getting cheered for stuff that I did a few weeks ago getting booed for.

McCord: So do you think this might be like the WWFWCW/ECW Invasion angle?

Excalibur: In a way,but I would put it more closely with the original NWO stuff because it started out with one guy and then it just grew, and grew, and grew.

McCord: So TARO kinda plays the part of Hollywood Hogan in this whole angle?

Excalibur: Yeah, that would be accurate, but I think that TARO has an infinite amount more wrestling ability than Hogan does.

McCord: Definitely! Let’s do a little bit of word association, Christopher Daniels.

Excalibur: He’s a great wrestler. I haven’t had a chance to see him work live, but what I have seen of him in Japan and Windy City is definately impressive. I think him going to Japan recently is the best move he could have had for
his career than the current landscape of pro wrestling.

McCord: XPW

Excalibur: They work hard, and that’s the thing. Say what you want about their wrestling product, but every guy that goes out there gives it their all. When we (Himself, Super Dragon, Rising Son, and TARO) worked there, they treated me with nothing but respect. Everybody was really cool back there.
I have nothing but good things to say about them.

McCord: Revolution Pro.

Excalibur: Ummm….. what would you say about Revolution Pro? (looks at Super Dragon)

Super Dragon: I would like to say that Excalibur has a nine inch penis.

Excalibur: Oh boy, how can I top that?

Dragon: Express your happiness about that big bulge in your pants!

Excalibur: (laughs) I love Revolution Pro, I was lucky enough to get my start here, and get a fairly big break. Back in Detroit, me and my friends went to couple different wrestling schools, and they didn’t want to have anything to do
with us, or they weren’t running enough, and give a bunch of excuses.  Coming out here, and being a part of a group, and being a part of a wrestling family has been a really good experience for me.

McCord: Did you ever work in Detroit?

Excalibur: No I didn’t. Me and my friends have always had dreams of working there, but nothing ever really panned out. I flew out here a few times, and started training at the original Rudos Dojo and finally I moved out here full time.

McCord: Back to word association, Scrub.

Excalibur: What about Scrub? He’s a nice guy, I really like him.

Dragon: He also has an enormous penis!

Excalibur: He does have an enormous penis!  I haven’t seen it.

Dragon: I have seen it!

McCord: Ladykiller?

Excalibur: Yes he is

McCord: Super Dragon.

Excalibur: He has a fourteen inch penis! (laughs) This interview has kind of degenerated, but whether I am wrestling him or not, I always love to see his matches because he is a tremendous talent and definately the number one guy in our group, and in my opinion he is one of the best wrestlers I have had the chance of seeing live. He is also the guy who trained me, so I owe alot to him there too.

McCord: Japanese Wrestling

Excalibur: I love it, that’s basically all I can say. Not every single aspect of it, but the in-ring work, and the business side is just another story just like it is over here. I have been a fan for a long time, and I can see myself being a longtime fan of Japanese Wrestling.

McCord: Any closing thoughts you would like to add?

Excalibur: Thanks for all the people who voted for me, whether you thought I deserved it or I was a charity case. I just hope all the people who read this interview continue to support socaluncensored.com and independent wrestling in general.

McCord: Well thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me.

Excalibur: Thank you.