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California Championship Wrestling owner Charles Gibbs officially announced the end of CCW last week. Most people knew that CCW had come to an end. Unofficially it had ended when the bell rang when Crayz had beaten Wild Thing Eric Studd for the CCW Hardcore Title on June 30th. While CCW may never run another show, it has left its mark on the wrestling world, a mark that will continue to get bigger.

CCW was the first indy show I went to. I still remember from that night seeing B-Boy vs Jason Redondo in a ladder match. I was hooked right then. I went to nearly every CCW show since that point, my only regret is missing the final show. Recently Death Valley Driver listed it’s top 500 wrestlers in the world. B-Boy, who trained at CCW, debuted at CCW, and was with CCW till the end was ranked #230. B-Boy is the Lightweight Champion of the WWF’s Developmental Territory UPW. Quite impressive for being in wrestling a little over 2 years. Earlier this year Al Katrazz wrestled Test on WWF Jakked. Would there be a B-Boy or Al Katrazz if there was no CCW?

Most importantly to me, there were no other promotions running in San Diego at the time. If CCW hadn’t have been there I doubt there would be a SoCal UNCENSORED.

I have been to just about every federation in Southern California. I have even been to the famed Stampede Wrestling in Calgary, and I have never seen a group of fans like those that CCW had. CCW was blessed with the best fans in Southern California.

I would like to thank every wrestler that I ever watched wrestle in CCW. From Jason Allgood vs. Logan X in the first match I saw, to Jason Redondo vs. Al Katrazz in the last. You guys are what made CCW and what made me a fan.

And lastly, and most importantly I would like to thank Charles Gibbs. I know you took a lot of heat for some of your decisions, but without you there never would have been a CCW. I wish you the best of luck in the future, and I once again thank you.

I will never forget the New Beast in Pro-Wrestling.

CCW Heavyweight Title History

CCW Cruiserweight Title History

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