Steve’s View #17

MPW had one of the better shows all year last Saturday, but the show was not without its flaws. MPW is already there talent wise. They don’t have any home grown talent, so they get to pick and choose the best wrestlers around. An MPW show is like a SoCal All-Star show. They just need a little help booking wise. This was their third show. They will get there booking wise. Why do I think that? Here is a statement from Adrian Montes, was of the co-owners of MPW, that was posted on our message board:

Be patient and you shall receive. We’re still young and someone mentioned that there is room for improvement. Your damn right, and unlike others we recognize were we go wrong and learn from mistakes.

In this category MPW has always walked the walk. They put up polls asking what matches fans want to see the most, they book matches as fans, and they are very active in going to other shows scouting talent, and learning from other feds mistakes. Now that it looks like MPW will be running shows on a more regular basis, and with the talent they use, by the end of the year they should become a can’t miss federation.

A lot of matches this month have been called possible match of the year candidates. In my opinion the only Match of the Year candidate was Rising Son over Super Dragon from July 14th’s Spirit of the Revolution Finals. The three-way from MPW was a little slow at the end and the ending of Super Dragon and Low-Ki brought it down. Right now my MOTY is the Rising Son over Super Dragon match, but also the Super Dragon over Rising Son 2 out of 3 falls match from MPW and Excalibur over Super Dragon from June 2nd should be considered. Another match that everyone says is a clear MOTY candidate is the three way from MPW’s debut show with Frankie Kazarian over Fallen Angel Chris Daniels and Adam Pearce. I haven’t seen that match yet, but I’ll order the tape soon.

Now for this sites rankings here were my choices for Match of the Month.

  1. Rising Son over Super Dragon – 14 July – Rev Pro
    The single best match I have ever seen in SoCal. So far this is the best match I have seen all year. The ending sequence was incredible.
  2. B-Boy over Excalibur and Rising Son – 28 July – MPW
    It was hard choice between this and Super Dragon & Low-Ki for #2. Both were good. The ending on this was kinda slow due to B-Boy being hurt and Rising Son being exhausted, but I liked it a little better than Dragon/Ki.
  3. Super Dragon and Low-Ki draw – 28 July – MPW
    This started out as a classic. It just didn’t have enough time. If it when 10 more minutes I don’t think there would have been a problem with the draw. This month the top 3 matches all could have been a match of the month in other months.
  4. Kaos over Supreme – 7 July – XPW
    Yes, the infamous match where Supreme was set on fire. The match was really good up until that point. In my opinion this was one of the better deathmatches XPW has put on.
  5. Lost Boys over G.A.Y. – 28 July – MPW
    A good entertaining match. Lost Boys are definite rookie of the year candidates and G.A.Y. is a hilarious team.

Keep in mind that might not be how the final rankings for the site will pan out. Those are just my opinions.

UPW’s next show looks pretty good. The main event with Evolution vs. Mike Modest and Donovan Morgan should be fantastic. Manilla Thrillaz vs. Los Cubanitos could also steal the show. I haven’t seen much of Outlaw Mike so I don’t know what to think of his match with Samoa Joe. I just hope Mike is better than he showed last show.

ACW looks to have a pretty good card this Friday night. How can you go wrong with Ballards vs. B-Boy and Frankie Kazarian on the show?

Speaking of the Ballards, The Ballard Bros. defeated Mark “Bison” Smith & “Bad Boy” Boyce LeGrande to win the APW Universal Tag-Team titles last Saturday. Congrats to them.

CAwrestling is shutting down. Head over there to get your final fix of Krane because Wed. it is no more. They are having a funeral for it Tuesday night in their chat room. I plan on stopping by.

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That about wraps it up for this time. Don’t forget to buy a shirt and check out the Events and Results forum for all the latest cards and results.


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