MPW’s Critical Beatdown – Review

On July 28, 2001, Millennium Pro Wrestling returned to the Bernard Milken Jewish Community Center for another night of jam-packed wrestling, that only MPW can provide. With a hot crowd, MPW was ready to prove once again why we are they are currently the best promotion in Southern California.

The show starts off with a 10 to the fallen legend, “Bam Bam” Terry Gordy.

Out comes Dan Ferran to introduce the new MPW Executive Director, Randall Craig. Craig introduces the new MPW Tag Team titles, in which 4 teams will battle it out for. Craig then talks about how Big Hardcore and Boston Black screwed Little Guido out of the MPW Title. He then introduces Chris Chetti. Chetti grabs the microphone, and says that his trip out to Califoria, it’s always for business and pleasure. But he says tonight is all about business. He says he’s out here for revenge, and calls out the MPW World Champion, Big Hardcore Red. Craig says Boston Black is banned from ringside in the night’s main event. Red grabs the mic, and tells Chetti that he is a man that ECW no longer wants, or needs. He then goes on to say that he doesn’t need tables, or chairs to beat Chetti.

Logan X v. Demento
The match started off quick with holds exchanged by both wrestlers. Demento then executes a ax handle drop, but Logan X counters with a top rope walk. Demento then counts by shaking the rope, causing Logan to fall on top of the rope. Demento then does a springboard legdrop off the second rope for a 2 count. Demento throws Logan into the ropes, but counters with a hurricaran, followed by a hip-toss. Logan climbs the ropes, and executes a swanton onto Demento, on the outside. Logan throws Demento into the post, but Demento counters. Demento throws Logan in the ring, climbs to the top, and does a moonsault, but Logan moves out of the way. Logan goes to the outside, and executes a springboard moonsault onto Demento, for the win.
Winner: Logan X

1st Round of the MPW Tag Team Title Tournament
Lost Boyz (Scott Lost, Brian Rufio) v. G.A.Y. (“Super Cute” Preston Scott, Ultra Hot)

Match starts off with Rufio and Ultra Hot exchanging holds, with Hot taking advantage with a drop-toe hold. Lost and Preston enter the ring, and GAY get Lost Boyz into opposite corners. Hot throws Rufio into the corner, but Rufio counters by throwing Moss into the other corner, followed by double-chop. Rufio executes a fall-away slam with a bridge, but for a 2 count. Rufio tags out to Lost, and Lost Boyz take advantage. They execute a double team move for a 2 count. Lost throws Hot into the ropes, but Hot tries to counter, only with Lost finishing off with a clothesline. Preston comes in, and takes advantage. After a series of slams, including a senton, he tags out to Hot, and they both execute a double knee-drop to the back. G.A.Y. control the match with continuous tags, but Lost rallies back. Lost and Preston make the hot tags, and Rufio comes in with a series of dropkicks, and ranas. Rufio executes the pedigree, but Preston breaks it up. Hot comes back with an camel clutch, but Moss comes in and gives him an Ace Cutter. Preston then comes in, throws Lost to the outside, and executes a rolling senton onto the outside. Hot then does a plancha onto the outside. Lost, Scott, and Preston are on the outside. Rufio then climbs to the top, and executes a moonsault onto the outside, onto all 3 men. Lost Boys then execute a flapjack, followed by their finisher.
Winners: Lost Boyz

XTC v. Phenomenal Phil
Phil takes over with a series of slams, but only for a two count. Phil then executes a suplex, but got the 2 count again. Phil throws XTC into the corner, and follows with a series of chops. Phil throws him into the corner, goes for a forearm, but XTC tosses him over the top rope. XTC clmbs to the top, and executes a plancha, onto Phil on the outside. XTC throws Phil into the ring post. As Phil climbs in, XTC messes with the crowd, only fpr Phil to give him a baseball kick through the rope. Phil then climbs to the ropes, and does a plancha onto XTC. XTC throws Phil into the ring, slams him, and gives him a guillotine legdrop for the 2 count. XTC slams Phil, and gives him a split-legged moonsault. Phil kicks out. XTC throws Phil into the corner, and gives him his own series of chops. He then throws him into the opposite corner, and gives him a big splash. Phil counters with a northenlights suplex with a bridge, for the win.
Winner: Phenomenal Phil

King Faviano/Crayz v. Allgood N’ Da’ Hood
Match starts off with Allgood and Favi in the ring, with both men exchanging holds, with Allgood going for a quick roll-up. Allgood gives Favi a hip-toss, throws him into the ropes, but Favi counters. Favi and Allgood tag out, and in come Crayz and McBain. They lock up, with McBain taking advantage with a side-headlock. Crays theows Mcbain into the ropes, counters, and McBain gives Crayz a clothesline. McBain covers, but only gets a 2 count. McBain throws Crayz into the ropes, and follows with a flying-clothesline. McBain throws Crayz into the ropes once again, and gives Crayz a belly-to-belly suplex. McBain walks Crayz into the corner, and tags out to Allgood. Allgood comes in, and gives him a series of shoulder tackles, hip tosses him, and gives him a dropkick. Allgood picks up Crayz, throws him into the ropes, and executes a cloothesline for the 2 count. Allgood tags out to McBain, and gives Crayz a series of punches, followed by a suplex. Once again, Crayz kicks out with the help of Faviano. Allgood counters the irsh whip by Crayz, but Crayz comes back with a front slam. Crayz tags out to Allgood, and in comes Faviano taking advantage. Favi slams Allgood, and goes to the top for splash. Allgood moves out of the way, and Allgood comes back with a elbow drop, followed by a legdrop. Crayz and Favi then take advantage. But after a series of comesbacks, Allgood N’ Da’ Hood get the win when McBain pinned Crayz.
Winners: Allgood N’ Da’ Hood

Special 3 Way Elimination Match
B-Boy v. Excalibur v. Rising Son

As the bell rings, all three men start off hot with a series of arm drags and near falls. The chant of “Rising Son” echoes through the venue as he is clearly the favorite. Old school time as a tripleheadlock occurs. Double team action as Rising Son and B-Boy attack Excalibur with a double elbow drop and two viscous dropkicks to the head. The teamwork doesn’t last too long as Rising Son takes advantage of B-boy and implants a kick to the face which sends B-boy to the outside. Rising Son proceeds to deliver a beautiful hurricanrana to a dazed Excalibur. As B-boy regains his composure, the trio exchange a series of chops and kicks. B-boy soon takes reign over Rising Son and Excalibur as he delivers a reverse DDT to Rising Son in the middle of the ring and one to Excalibur on the edge of the squared circle. Excalibur makes his first feat of serious offense as he launches B-boy with release belly to belly suplex. As he plans for a suicide dive to the outside he is met by rising son who delivers a Rey Misterio Jr.-esque glide between the ropes while crushing Excalibur in his mid-air dive attempt. As B-boy makes his way back to the ring Rising Son launches himself over the ropes from the outside into a senton and follows with a standing moonsault, but only receives a two count As Excalibur makes his return felt the double team is once again in effect as he and B-Boy outpower Rising Son as they deliver a combination sit out powerbomb/neckbreaker. But once again the double teaming is short lived as each member tries to outdo one another by trying to get the pinfall. Excalibur again brings the offense as he delivers a sit out power bomb followed by a diving headbutt onto B-boy. Old school session once again as this time it’s a triple sleeperhold performed. Excalibur only gets the two count after a brutal variation of a kryptonite crunch on Rising Son. The crowd applauds all three members fast and furious efforts and gives them a standing ovation. As Excalibur attempts a top rope suplex,B-Boy sneaks his way under Excalibur and as he receives a power bomb from B-Boy, Excalibur delivers a suplex to Rising Son. Once again another standing ovation from the red hot crowd. As Excalibur and B-boy exchange elbows, Excalibur catches B-boy and implants him with a Tiger Driver 2b, but once again only receives a two count as Rising Son disrupts the count and shows his eagerness to gain the first fall. As Excalibur attempts to avenge the disruption with a powerbomb, Rising Son slides down his back and counters with a reverse hurricanrana, and two springboard DDTs for the three count. Excalibur has been eliminated. The second fall starts off hot again as Rising Son delivers a corkscrew moonsault to the outside onto B-Boy and an exiting Excalibur. As B-boy makes his way back into the ring, Rising Son delivers yet another springboard DDT. One, two, no…B-Boy kicks out. Another two count follows as Rising Son performs a beautiful split legged moonsault. The onslaught continues as B-Boy is the recipient of a fisherman’s buster and a extraordinary swanton splash. Yet another two count. A dazed B-Boy counters Rising Son’s swinging ddt attempt and turns it into a sit out powerbomb. As both men try to gain the upper hand they exchange 15 near pinfall attempts!!! As B-boy begins to dominate Rising Son on the outside of the ring, a brutal iconoclasm is delivered and Rising Son looks to be done for. As he is rolled back into the ring, Rising Son and B-Boy exchange a series of standing reversals until B-Boy outsmarts Rising Son and busts Rising Son’s brain with, well, a brainbuster. As if that isn’t enough to put Rising Son away, for good measure, B-Boy delivers another brainbuster variation and finally gets the three count. Rising Son has been eliminated and B-Boy is your winner.
Winner: B-Boy

1st Round of the MPW Tag Team Title Tournament
Los Cubanitos (Rickey Reyes, Rocky Romero) v. Beautiful People (“Red Hot” Johnny Rage, “Xzibit” Jason Riggs)

It’ss now time for the second first round match in the tournament to crown the first ever Millennium Pro Wrestling tag team champions. “Red Hot” and Ricky Reyes are the first combatants and exchange multiple wristlocks, armbars, headlocks, and takedowns. Classic mat wrestling. Both members make tags respectively and now Rocky Romero and Jason Riggs begin to feel each other, but soon Rocky takes advantage with a devastating kick to Riggs’ back. As Rocky cuts off Jason’s oxygen in a headlock he is reversed into the ropes and becomes the victim of a beautiful hip toss into a sitout powerbomb followed by a bodyslam, a lethal right hand, and an arm ringer. While keeping Romero’s arm extended in the arm ringer, Riggs makes the tag and “Red Hot” leaps off the second rope and delivers an axe handle to the stretched arm of Romero. With both members of the Beautiful People in the ring, Rocky is whipped into the ropes and flapjacked. A low blow to Riggs causes a change in the momentum as Rocky manages to make the tag. As Reyes enters, he wastes no time in delivering a snap suplex, several chops, kicks, and a quick tag out. With Rocky back in, the chops and forearm strikes continue. “Red Hot” Johnny Rage is in trouble. The quick tags and doubleteam onslaught by the Cubans shows why the SoCal veterans are clearly the dominate team. It looks to be the end for the Beautiful People as Reyes executes a german suplex to Johnny Rage but the save is made by Riggs. Somehow “Red Hot” reverses the tempo and delivers a desperate DDT. The hot tag is made and the “Xzibit” is fired up. Big Boots, spinebusters, trash talk, and death valley driver into a inverted DDT immediately get the Beautiful People back in the match. But as easily as they make their comeback it is squashed as the Cubans manage to raise Riggs onto Reyes’ shoulders while Romero comes off the top rope with a dropkick. It’s the Cuban Missle and Riggs collapses like an accordion upon impact. It’s over.
Winners: Los Cubanitos

(Note: Los Cabunanitos and Lost Boyz will meet eachother to decide the first MPW Tag Team Champions at the MPW October show.)

Part 1 of the Double Main Event
Super Dragon v. Low-Ki

As this much anticipated match gets underway, both contestants engage in stiff kicks and open handed strikes to the head. Both men tie up and counter each others holds until Super Dragon takes advantage with a single leg take down and strangles Low-Ki’ in a bow and arrow. Low-Ki’ quickly escapes and gives Dragon a bow and arrow variation of his own. As Low-ki has done to him, Dragon counters and grasps Low-Ki’ in an arm bar. Once again they exchange reversals while brutally kicking each other in the mid section and chest areas. Low-Ki’ strikes Dragon’s leg with a kick after a double kip up and Dragon rolls to the outside to regain his composure. As Super Dragon makes his way back into the ring he quickly delivers a dropkick followed by a shoulder block. As he begins to bend over and talk trash to a laid out Low-Ki’, Low-Ki’ takes advantage of the situation and kicks Dragon in the face. Headbutts and chops are delivered to Dragon as Low-Ki’ takes advantage. Soon enough, though, it’s Super Dragon tying up Low-Ki’ and getting two quick near falls followed by a hurricanrana sending Low-Ki’ to the outside. As Dragon attempts a suicide dive between the ropes, Low-Ki’ counters with a leaping kick, once again crushing the face of Super Dragon. As both men re-enter the ring Super Dragon attempts a release tiger suplex but as he’s released, Low-Ki’ manages to land on his feet and dropkick the legs out of Dragon. Now, Low-Ki’ sets up for his trademark kicks, two to the chest, and a power kick to the side of Super Dragon’s head. Each man continues to one-up the other with a battle of chops, kicks, submission holds, crossface strikes, and elbow shots. Proving why both of these participants are easily two of the best and most dangerous unsigned wrestlers in the world today. Super Dragon takes the upper hand and sends Low-Ki’ out of the ring with a stiff elbow strike and follows it up with tope con hilo, leaving both men lying on the outside. As the action continues Super Dragon makes his first attempt at his finisher, the Psycho Driver, and Low-Ki’ makes his first attempt at his finisher, the Ki-Krusher. The studying both men have done on each other pays off, as neither executes their moves. While Super Dragon makes an ascent to the tope rope, Low-Ki’ manages to take his legs out and tie Dragon up in a tree of woe while executing a reverse chantery. Devastating. Low-Ki’ begins to make his move onto a dazed Super Dragon, delivering a springboard and a rolling liger kick sending Dragon to the outside. A suicide dive while delivering an elbow strike again leaves both men lying on the outside of the ring, trying to regain their energy. As Dragon is brought back into the ring, Low-Ki’ sets up for a phoenix splash, but as Dragon moves, Low-Ki’ executes the phoenix into a rollout, speeds back to deliver a lariat, but is dodged by Dragon, who delivers a lariat of his own, nearly taking the head off of Low-Ki’. As Super Dragon begins to see his opportunity for victory come into sight, he crushes the back of Low-Ki’s head with a spinning springboard leg lariat, and follows that up with a smooth phoenix splash. Only a two count!!! As Super Dragon once again tries for his Psycho Driver, Low-Ki’ counters and sets up his Ki-Krusher, this time instead of planting Super Dragon on his head, Low-Ki’ charges from one end of the ring to the other, and slams Dragon’s body into the turnbuckles, shaking the whole ring and sending the crowd into a frenzy. Only a two count!!! Low-Ki’ makes his move to the tope turnbuckle while Super Dragon follows and sends Low-Ki’ off balance and rolling to the opposite side of the ring. Both men are now on the top turnbuckles of opposite corners!!! Both men leap towards each other and literally collide in mid-air. Unbelievable!!! The crowd is going insane and both men continue to batter each other with forearm strikes when the timekeeper rings the bell. This match has gone the 20 minute time limit. It is declared a draw.
Winner: None. 20 minute draw.

Part 2 of a Double Main Event
MPW World Title Match
Big Hardcore Red (C) v. Chris Chetti

Collar and elbow’s and shoving action between both men shows a feeling out process. Because both men are unpredictable in movesets, this is a match in which the crowd doesn’t know what to expect. As both men exchange boots and chops, Chris Chetti starts the strong offense with a hurricanrana sending Red to the outside. As Red makes his way back into the ring Chetti delivers a roundhouse sidekick sending Red to the outside once again. A slingshot sends Red into the ring, but as Chetti prepares an onslaught, Boston Black, Red’s manager, manages to grab a hold of Chetti’s leg and slides the M.P.W. title belt to Cincinnati Red who uses the belt as a weapon striking Chetti and causing a disqualification. or so it seems. In a rage, Chris Chetti grabs a microphone and calls Cincinnati Red back into the ring, stating that he didn’t come all the way from New York to win via a DQ. He wants to make this a hardcore rules with falls count anywhere, Chetti exclaims. And so it is done. Chetti immediately starts the offense with a baseball slide kick onto Red who is roaming the ringside area. Red reverses an irish whip and sends Chetti into the side of the ring. As Boston Black holds Chetti, Red attempts a plancha, but as Chetti moves, the plancha backfires and Red collides with Boston Black. Chetti attempts a dive of his own, but both Red and Black make way and Chetti lands face first onto the matted floor. A chairshot followed by a bookend leads Red to a two count. Both men continue to batter each other with a series of kicks, legdrops, and suplexes. Once again the action takes to the outside and Boston Black sets up a table. As Red attempts to plant Chetti on the table, Chetti counters, lays Red on the table and delivers a amazing leg drop sending Red crashing through the table. As both men return to the ring, Chris Chetti propels himself into a springboard legdrop, but nobody’s home as Red rolls out of the way. A miscued chairshot by Boston Black crushes Red’s head and leads to a nearfall. As Chetti sets up for a dive onto Boston Black, Cincinnati Red catches Chetti off guard and impales him with a jumping DDT. Cincinnati Red retains the Millennium Pro Wrestling heavyweight title in a match which saw it all, mat wrestling, hardcore, and high flying, but in the end it was Red with an impaler ddt which proves why he is the M.P.W. heavyweight champion.
Winner: Big Hardcore Red (retains MPW World Title)

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