Steve’s View #16

MPW is this weekend. This looks to be a great show. Of course there is the Super Dragon vs. Low-Ki match that is going to bring MPW a lot of attention, but just like last week I talked about a different match, I will this week also.

Rising Son vs. Excalibur vs. B-Boy. This match has the potential to be a show stealer. Anytime you have a match with the previous months numbers 1, 3, and 4 it is something special. Like Red vs. Chetti this match is not getting much attention due to Dragon / Ki, but I expect this match to demand attention after the show.

While MPW’s entire card hasn’t been released yet the top 3 matches each could be the show stealer. Any will be hard pressed to top the 14th’s Rising Son over Super Dragon match for match of the month, they all could possibly end up on July’s top 5.

Also look for Logan X vs. Funky Billy Kim, Faviano vs. Primetime Petterson, and Jason Allgood vs. Crayz on the MPW card.

XPW changed the date of their next show from August 18th to August 25th.

Around the time SCU started up XPW issued a challenge for people to give XPW a shot. I accepted the challenge and was quite pleased with “The Night XPW Stood Still“. After that show however XPW has done very little right. This date change thing is just another example of why the attendance at every XPW show is shrinking. They had to have known about this at least two weeks ago because of comments the Sandman made saying the show was on the 25th. They really need to do something to turn it around. They can’t afford to lose many more fans.

In a recent column by Primetime Peterson he suggested a SoCal Hall of Fame. I would like to second that idea. If anyone has any suggestions on how it should be done or any other general comments on it email me or post it in the message boards.

If you are a fan of Gurentai I suggest you pick up a copy of the “Best of Gurentai in Japan” from PT if you see him around. The tape is awesome. I’m pretty sure he sells it at every XPW show.

WCWA will be returning to the San Diego area on August 25th. Their show will be in Chula Vista at an as of now unannounced venue.

If you haven’t seen ARSION before you need to check it out. Scrub recomended it to me and now I’m hooked.

That about wraps it up for this time. I know I said I should have a Tobita update this week, but I don’t. Hopefully soon. Don’t forget to buy a shirt and check out the Events and Results forum for all the latest cards and results.


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