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Rankings are out once again. The rankings don’t really show who is better than who, just who five people felt had the best showing over the last month. One thing the rankings do show is that SoCal has a ton of talent. In the three months this site has been doing rankings, only 6 guys (Super Dragon, B-Boy, Adam Pearce, Rising Son, Messiah, & Frankie Kazarian) have been in all three rankings. I think that shows how deep the talent is around here. It is not just the same guys carrying the load each month.

Revolution Pro’s Spirit of Revolution Tournament started off on the right foot. The next five weeks it looks like Rev Pro will be putting on some exciting shows.

I want to congratulate Kid Kaos on his recent Tijuana show. For those of you who do not know, Kaos subbed for Juventud in the main event of a lucha show in Tijuana. It was Kaos and Negro Casas vs. the legendary Hijo del Santo and Nicho el Millionaro (Psicosis).

There have been lots of monster sightings in SoCal lately. Sounds like a job for Survival Tobita.

Dynamite D’s being ranked number 5 for May was the highest ranking for any XPW exclusive wrestler so far. If the main event for the July 7th show ends up being Vampiro vs The Messiah that could very well change.

Speaking of XPW, Sabu has been wrestling in All Japan for the last few weeks. Here are some results from this past weekend from Puroresu Power:

June 1st in Shizuoka: Mitsuya Nagai & Sabu defeated Abdullah the Butcher & Giant Kimala in 14 minutes, 5 seconds when Nagai used an achilles tendon submission hold on Kimala for the win.

June 2nd in Hyogo: Sabu defeated Nobukazu Hirai in 13 minutes, 35 seconds with an Arabian Press.

I will be out of town the 5th-8th so there will be no updates on the site at that time. Lonnie and I should have some new stuff up on the 9th.

Dont forget about the Aligator Death Match ACW is holding June 8th in Reseda. That will be fun to see how it goes down, if nothing else. For more info check out ACW’s site.

Don’t forget to drop by the SoCal UNCENSORED chat room. It is fantabulous!

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